Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Lunchbox Love

peace bento school work preschool easy healthy fast quick gluten free easylunchboxes
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Reduce  - Recycle - ReUse
For Earth Day, what better way to pack a lunch than to make it Earth-friendly? 

Reduce - The EasyLunchboxes are reusable, and prevent the waste of several plastic baggies each day. The  reusable silicone cups to keep foods separate help with that as well.
Recycle - And while the Lunchbox Love notes are paper, my daughter saves them and brings them home, so we can use them again. (But if they get too gross, I can always recycle or compost them.)
ReUse - Not shown is a cloth napkin - packed in the large compartment both to prevent the waste from paper, but also to keep the fruit in place and protect the Lunchbox Love note from getting ooky.
peace bento school work preschool easy healthy fast quick easylunchboxes
GF PBJ, organic apples and strawberries, organic sugar snap peas, organic cheddar cubes and string cheese nibblets
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Peace: I snipped the bottom off of a soft plastic peace sign stir stick to skewer some squares of a gluten-free PBJ sandwich. While Earth Day is focused more on environmental awareness, wars and discord can be very harmful to our ecosystem. Chemical warfare, bombing the land, radiation... Peace is a huge step towards preserving our planet for the future.

Love: The green silicone divider cup has a few organic apple slices strawberries. Her current favorites. Green is, of course, the color of nature, and represents eco-friendliness.

Bento: I used a star muffin cup to help fill the space, so that the small portion of cheese looked fuller. A plastic leaf pick through a few cheese bits gives her a fun way to eat them, and a reminder that plants are an important part of our lives, and we need to keep the world safe for them as well. And anything you do to help preserve our planet makes you a superstar!

And the message on the Lunchbox Love note - "Be Kind" - is a message for everyone. Be kind to each other. Be kind to the animals. Be kind to the planet.

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