Monday, April 29, 2013

MOMables Monday - Simple Grilled Cheese

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Even though this grilled cheese is "leftover" from lunch the day before, with MOMables sometimes you plan ahead like that! Little Z doesn't mind "soggy" grilled cheese, so I don't have to worry about keeping it crisp, and can prep it in advance. (But MOMables has a stay-crispy tip in the menu plan!)
Right now you can get 30% off your first three months, and/or 25% off the 8-week gluten (and nut)-free menu! (I did both - I got the gluten-free menu plan, plus I subscribe to the regular service. Love it!)
Organic strawberries, GF grilled cheese sandwich, Ranch, organic apples; organic spinach, purple broccoli, and carrot
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I've discovered a little trick to make older strawberries look more appealing. When the outsides are starting to look dry and unattractive, if I cut them up and display them with the inside cuts facing out, they look fresh and ripe and yummy! So that's what I did here in the green silicone divider cup. It can also help fill space, depending how I arrange them, and make her "treat" look like a larger volume. Adding a few music note picks gives her a fun way to eat the cut berries without getting juice on her fingers, and then she won't examine them more thoroughly to discover my cunning deception!

I usually only include one serving of fruit, but I tucked a few apple slices under the Lunchbox Love note, mostly because I only had a few and they needed to get used before they went bad.

I love my new 3-D bunny cutter - these things are ingenious! Other than having to be fairly precise with how thickly you cut your veggie, and needing something large enough for the body piece of the cutter set, these are a very easy way to make a simple lunch fun! Plus it might distract her from the spinach and purple broccoli, veggies that she normally only eats under specific circumstances.
She'll eat spinach right off our plant in the back yard, but not loose leaves unless she picked them personally. And even then it's iffy. And she will eat broccoli, but doesn't really like it. Purple broccoli is new. So I made sure to include some organic Ranch dressing in the little pink sauce container to dip these iffy foods.

She ended up eating everything but the very edges of the crusts. She even picked out the cheese from between the uneaten edges.

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  1. That bunny is fantastic! I am going to have to get that cutter!!!

  2. I also love that bunny and need to get that cutter!


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