Monday, April 15, 2013

MOMables Monday - Back to Basics Ham and Cheese, With a Twist!

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I found a gluten-free French baguette at a local gluten-free bakery, so mini sandwiches were in order! While my weekly MOMables menus have loads of new and different ideas and recipes, sometimes a good ole classic is often tossed into the mix!
I'm not organized enough to actually use the shopping list and plan and cook ahead and such. So I mostly browse for ideas and inspirations. Which is why most of my MOMables lunches are the "easy" ones! Plus Z are I aren't really adventurous eaters, with our weird food likes and dislikes and sensory issues. Don't get me wrong - we'll eat weird stuff. But only weird stuff that we like! Haha! So ham and cheese it is!

Baby's Lunch
easy quick healthy school work lunch skewer kebab bento gluten free
Hummus, uncured ham and cheddar on French baguette; organic frozen peas, strawberries, cauliflower, sweet pepper

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Since her Something-on-a-Stick Day lunch had been such a hit, I decided to let Baby have another go with food picks, but this time with a longer skewer. Instead of a thin pointy one, like the bamboo skewers, I took a hibiscus plastic stir stick that I got in a pack from Dollar Tree and shortened it to fit in the EasyLunchbox.

Since these were the harder plastic (the kind that snaps when broken, rather than bending a lot first,) I was easily able to score it with my pair of crappy scissors (used for scissor-ruiny kinds of activities,) by closing the scissors on where I wanted the cut to be, then squeezing it tight and kind of rotating the blades around the pick. Doesn't need a whole lot of effort. Then I used my fingers to *snick* off the bottom piece. Had the end been sharp at all, an emery board or sand paper would have solved the problem, but I'm getting better at this! (For the bendier plastic, you'll need to cut all the way through with scissors, wire cutter thingies, or a sharp knife [I can hear my mom screaming "No! NOT THE HENCKELS!" in my mind right now...] You *CAN* score and try and break, but you'll need to bend it back and forth, back and forth, which ruins the look of the end with the discolored stretched plastic. Not that I would know. *cough*)

I put the silicone muffin cups filled with organic frozen peas and organic hummus (for dipping the veggies and/or sandwich skewer. She's happy just scooping it up with her fingers though!) in the corners to fill up space. And nutrition, of course...

Little Z's Lunch
sandwich ham cheese preschool work bento
Uncured ham, cheddar, and mustard on GF French baguette; frozen peas, organic strawberries

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When I asked Z how many sandwiches she thought she would want, since they'd be smaller than normal, I was thinking maybe two or three. But no. She asked for FIVE! I was able to slice the cheese and ham slices into thirds, and make three sandwiches from each (doubling up on the ham,) but I could still only fit four sandwiches in her EasyLunchbox! So of the six I made, she got four, Baby got one sliced up and skewered, and I got one.

Here are the girls enjoying their EasyLunchbox lunches. And yes. Much of Baby's ended up being dumped out. And scooped up and put right back in by Mama! Ha! But that's why I use thicker dips like hummus or guacamole. They stay in an upturned muffin cup for a while until I can climb and reach between the seats to get it back!

Disclaimer: Please note that the door is open and I'm in the back taking pictures and eating MY lunch with them. The car is NOT moving while Z is out of her seat belt! But if you chose to make this go viral on Facebook bashing me for endangering my child, go ahead... there's no such thing as bad publicity, right? *grin*

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