Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mama and Baby Bentos

Tuesday, 2/5/12 - Since I had whipped up some chicken salad for Little Z, I had puh-lenty left. And since Baby and I were headed to pick up our weekly produce share at the organic farm, I had to pack us lunches to eat on the go. So it made perfect sense to pack some chicken salad in a lunch for me! 
I packed my lunch in an EasyLunchboxes, and Baby got to use our Nibble Tray. Like the EasyLunchboxes, it's a nice one for having on a kiddo's lap in the car. Especially Baby, who's still in her bucket seat! It's nice to have her strapped down to eat without fear of her falling or climbing out, or running off!

Baby's Lunch
Organic peas, peanut butter and bread, cheese scraps, strawberry chunks and pomegranate arils, organic grape halves
The Nibble Tray comes with a removable "stem" at the top to hold dip, which makes it look like a pineapple. I've never actually used the top part, since I don't think it's dishwasher safe because it has a built-in ice pack. And it's annoying to have to plan ahead and have put it in the freezer in advance to pack things that need to be chilled. So I just don't. It's also no good in a lap in the car seat!

Mama's Lunch
Organic broccoli, cucumber, and carrots; Wholly Guacamole packet, Van's GF and Special K crackers,
chicken salad, Ants on a Log (with chunks of dark chocolate!) and a Chobani Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips Bite
This was before we were on our gluten-free trial, but I had bought some Van's gluten-free crackers to try, since I knew we'd be trying a gluten-free diet eventually. I like to scout stuff out first. I packed some in a  square muffin cup to taste-test, along with some Special K crackers because I was still trying to use them up, since Z can't have them due to the petrol-derived preservative. I threw the remaining ones out when we went gluten-free. There weren't too many left anyway.

Just for fun, I used a mini heart cutter on some carrot coins and cucumber slices, as well as some cucumber peel.

Tools of the Trade


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