Thursday, April 11, 2013

An Elephant and Piggie Lunch - by Mo Willems. And Mama.

lunchables cracker stackers ham cheese piggy bento preschool work easy quick healthy

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Since I was already cutting out pigs and elephants for Little Z's Elephant and Piggie classroom snack, I went ahead and made her a MOMables Cracker Stacker lunch with the extras.

You can pretend you don't see that the ham piggie stacks look like they're humping... I didn't until just now. Doh!
lunchables cracker stackers ham cheese piggy bento preschool work easy quick healthy
Cheddar, uncured ham, Van's GF crackers, Truffle Pig, organic sugar snap peas w/Ranch, organic apples

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Elephant...: I cut the cheese [Teehee. Pun intended] with a mini elephant cutter, and put them in the blue Silly Critters animal foot cup. It looks kind of like an elephant body to me.

The little silicone elephant cup holding the Ranch was found on eBay. It came with a few other tiny shaped cups. Super cute, and I hadn't ever seen them before, so they aren't very common, I imagine. They came from China or something.

and Piggie: Fully appreciative of the irony, I used uncured ham for Piggie, and my mini pig cutter made it really easy. I put the ham piggies in a small silicone pig cup.

As a fun treat (because they're darned expensive! I only got them for the bento-bility factor!) I put one Truffle Pig chocolate in a mini muffin cup. It's hard to see, but it's shaped like a pig. I found them at Home Goods (same idea as TJ Maxx and Ross and Marshall's,) so they weren't quite as expensive. But enough that I skipped buying them the first time. And I'm not going to waste them on ME! They're for cute piggy lunches! Hahaha! Ironic that SHE gets the "good stuff."

Baby Piggie
Uncured ham, cheddar scraps, hummus, leftover GF Mac N Cheese and GF pizza, organic tomato and sugar snap peas
Usually I lump Baby's lunches in with mine, but she got some uncured ham piggies for lunch that day too! No cheese elephants though. Lots of elephant cheese scraps instead!

The gluten-free macaroni and cheese is from Trader Joe's. It was pretty good. No complaints from the Podlings.
The gluten-free pizza is some weird combination I concocted at The Rock. Ham, tomato, spinach maybe? and olive oil or butter sauce or something, instead of tomato sauce. Not delicious. My bad. The crust was okay though, as they made the Kids Menu PB and Jelly pizza on the same gluten-free dough for Z, and it was smashingly good!
So Baby and I tried to choke down the leftover pizza over several lunches by dipping it in hummus. Eh.

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  1. Haha gosh I love your posts and humor!
    Cute lunches!!

  2. pigs humping...that is so funny.. Enjoyed looking at your delicious looking lunch.. Do the kids play with their animals before eating them? What a great idea..
    ta ta for now from Iowa:)


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