Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bento Backfire - The Heart Orange Affair

I had packed Z a fun lunch to take with us to Baby's co-op preschool class on a school district late-start day (no morning preschool,) and drew a fun face on a mandarin orange, just to make it less boring-looking. For some reason, when I peel the oranges in advance, the membrane gets a little dry and stiff, and she doesn't like them. So I either peel them right before putting her lunch in her backpack, or leave it in the peel if I will be around to help her get it started.
But unpeeled oranges look a little dull. So, fun face it was!

At first she was thrilled, and had me take photos of her new friend. She kept kissing it and telling me how much she loved it. And then I offered to peel it.
NoOOOOoOoOOo! She could not possibly ever eat her special orange.
I told her it would go bad and we couldn't keep it. Pouty face.
I offered to peel carefully, and keep the face intact, and we could dry the peel and keep that part. Unacceptable.
I offered to draw faces on her oranges for the rest of eternity. "But I love this one the MOST!"
"Well, we're gonna have to eat it or throw it away. It's going to go bad eventually."

And you see the results. Fun times!

I ended up finding it in a pocket of the diaper bag a week or so later. Bleah.


  1. This just made my dad.. pouty lip and all!

  2. That is just about the sweetest story ever!! What a little cutie!

  3. Hilarious. Except, you know, probably not for you at the time. Still, fun for us! :D

  4. So sweet! Dont worry, just keep in mind that one day you will both laugh about this :)

  5. Happened here, too. I made mandarin oranges into "Jack-o-lanterns" at Halloween. And, yeah, we were not allowed to eat them either. Ours lasted quite a while though, and I threw them out a few weeks later (after they decorated our stoop for some time). Kids never react how you think they will!

  6. Hahaha yeah i've had that before "i dont want to eat my sandwich it's so cute i want to keep it!" yeah sweety, it doesn't work like that... LOL


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