Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chinese Dragon Salad

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Once I saw the new set of cutters Kristie at Beneficial Bento got for her birthday, I HAD to have them! Only they're impossible to find! Argh! After a TON of sifting through pages of useless listings, I finally found the dragon vegetable cutter on eBay. Whew!

(Check out Kristie's etsy shop, full of cloth napkins, little candy wrapper coin purses (they sell out FAST!) and special lunch and bento placemat-to-lunch-bags!) 
Hummus, leftover GF pizza, organic salad w/tomatoes, carrots, Chiogga and golden beets,
raisins, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, dressing
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The organic farm I get our weekly produce share from sometimes has monstrously large carrots. I happened to have a particular behemoth that was perfect for this dragon cutter! I had some golden beet coin "scraps" with flower cut-outs that helped make the carrot dragon stand out better, and it looks more Chinese-y that way too. Woot!

The pizza was a gluten-free offering at The Rock. I tried my own concoction of toppings, and it was a fail (spinach, ham, tomatoes, and garlic butter sauce. Too bland.) So I figured I'd use the leftovers instead of chips, for hummus or something. No. Still not tasty. Even the baby wouldn't eat it. Waaah! But I'm a big girl, and I choked mine down.
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I already added the dressing and dry toppings (raisins, hemp hearts, and sunflower seeds,) but since I would be eating it right away, I didn't worry about the dry stuff getting soggy. Normally I pack them in little sealable containers that fit snugly in with the salad.

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  1. What an amazing dragon, I love it and the entire yummy and lovely lunch as well!

  2. My hubby found all those great cutters on ebay too and surprised me with them for my birthday - he was very proud of himself for finding something that made me squeal when I opened it! :) So I'm glad you liked them, and I'm glad you were able to find one!


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