Monday, July 8, 2013

Leftovers to Lunch: Deconstructed Sandwich Dippers!

Leftovers to Lunch: Use leftover dinner meat for Deconstructed Sandwich Skewers!
Monday, 5/13/13 - Hubby's work caters lunch every day, and sometimes there are leftovers he thinks might interest me, and brings them home. One day they had a DIY chef salad station, and there was a lot of cubed turkey and Swiss left over. So home they came!
I didn't think the girls would go for me just tossing them into muffin cups with crackers, since they wouldn't stack nicely like the Cracker Stackers. And Swiss cheese would pretty much be a new flavor for both of them, and it's a strange one. I don't happen to like it. So I decided to skewer them together with chunks of bread and give them mustard to dip them all in. Yummy, right? (Well, not to me. I hate mustard too!)

A Heart-y Lunch for Little Z
Deconstructed Sandwich Swords for preschool lunch
Mustard, leftover Swiss and turkey with GF bread chunks, GF Kay's Naturals Cinnamon Protein Pretzel Sticks,
organic sugar snap peas with purple broccoli and strawberries
I alternated cubes of turkey, Swiss, and gluten-free bread (cut with my FunBites Cube It) on some heart cupcake picks. The mini muffin cup of mustard went into one of the larger silicone heart muffin cups to help fill the space. And because it looked nicer that way!

Cloth napkin from Red Poppy Crafts on etsy.

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Toddler-Size Me!
Deconstructed Sandwich swords for the toddler
Mustard, leftover Swiss and turkey with GF bread chunks, organic sugar snap peas and strawberries

Since Big Sister's heart skewers are still a bit too sharp and bitty-break-offable, Baby E got hers skewered onto some plastic cocktail/appetizer forks. Since they don't hold as many at a time, and she likes practicing her stabbery skills, I put extras in some white heart cups (they came from this cheaper silicone heart cup set.)

Big Sis has created another mustard lover, so now Mama can't eat their leftovers. I hate mustard! And the mathematics of parenthood guarantee that a child plus mustard plus food that Mama would be willing to eat if it didn't have mustard on it can never equal leftovers for Mama. Jerks.

Mama Tip:
This idea would work well with leftover turkey, chicken, or ham from dinner, cut into cubes or chunks. Or cut deli meat into strips and weave it on. You could cube up brick cheese or just cut slices into smaller fun (or simple!) bite-sized shapes! And use whatever dip they like best! Mustard, ketchup, Ranch or other salad dressing... Or try them with something new, like pesto or spaghetti sauce!

Tools of the Trade
      Japanese Bento Silicone Food Cup Heart 6P Red Poppy Napkins


  1. Ooo I like those little swizzly forky things. Very cool!

  2. Yum! Although, I love mustard.. you don't know what you're missing! :)


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