Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Food Art! Healthy Lunch, Illustrated

Thursday, 5/2/13 - Not a noteworthy lunch at all, until I was scrolling through my photo reel and Z said "Stop! Stop! I want to look at that picture! Don't change it!" and proceeded to copy it down onto paper, via crayons.

So here is a regular old lunch for the toddler, plus the crayon version!
GF PBJ, organic string cheese nibblets, Snikiddy Ketchup "Fries," vanilla macaron, organic apples and frozen peas
I used my FunBites Cube It cutter on a slice of gluten-free bread, then added the peanut butter and jelly. Keeps the cutter clean that way, although it gets annoying having to spread fillings on a bajillion little squares.

Lunch Illustrated

Tools of the Trade


  1. I love that your lunch inspired such an amazing drawing!

  2. Adore all of these beautiful posts/ideas. Got some wonderful ideas for food lunches for my own son, here! Keep posting. Inspired by your fun ideas!


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