Monday, July 15, 2013

MOMables Monday - Simple Cracker Stackers

Friday, 5/10/13 - Not sure what else we had planned this day, since normally we go out to eat after Z's OT appointment on Fridays. Unless this was meant as a snack/early lunch before. Z isn't a fan of the nearby gluten-free options (Mama almost always opts for teriyaki!) so maybe I had planned this to be her lunch, since she only eats rice and edamame otherwise. And sometimes they just don't eat their breakfast, and then are staaaaaarving on the drove over...
Oh no wait! We were headed to Nana's after, I think. It's an hour away, so I didn't want to waste any time stopping for food, since the earlier we get there, the more time Mama has to relax on the couch doing absolutely nothing while Nana volunteers to do everything. It's like a mini vacation. Seriously. Even better than having Hubby home in some respects, since she doesn't give me the stink-eye when I don't jump up to get someone their water or snack or whatever. And I don't have to clean the carpet after! We seriously need to move closer to Nana's house...

But no matter the reason, using my MOMables lunch planning menu made packing these lunches quick and easy! Cracker Stackers are a fun sandwich alternative, and are fun even if you don't make them "cute." And when I'm stumped for ideas and wasting time staring into space, pulling up my MOMables weekly menus and going through them for inspiration helps pull me out of my rut!

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Big Girl Lunch
MOMables Cracker Stackers - A Healthier DIY Alternative to Lunchables!
Glutino Vegetable Crackers, white and orange cheddar, Enjoy Life ginger cookies, uncured ham;
organic strawberries, carrot shreds, and frozen peas
I love that four square silicone muffin cups fit perfectly in the large compartment of the EasyLunchboxes! It's a great way to make a lunch full of nibbles, and still keep everything separate! (I got the other colored ones off eBay, imported from China.)

Everything from Enjoy Life is made in dedicated facilities free from the Top 8 Allergens plus gluten. And they never use artificial ingredients. So I can feel safe buying anything they make. It's all snacks and desserts, which are my favorite food groups too! Z is a big fan of ginger cookies, and I had plans to try and make gingerbread whoopie pies with these Soft-Baked Gingerbread Cookies, since they were on sale on Amazon, but you had to buy a bunch.
Normally my rule of thumb in lunches is to limit treaties to a mini-muffin-cup-sized amount. But two of these smallish cookies felt just right. And I probably could have crammer-jammered them into a mini muffin cup!

Little Big Girl Lunch
A simple toddler-sized lunch
Leftover Swiss and turkey cubes, Enjoy Life ginger cookie, Glutino Crackers, organic frozen peas and apples 
Hubby had brought home large baggies of leftover turkey and Swiss cubes from a Chef Salad bar catered at work one day. So instead of cutting more shapes out of the sliced stuff for E, she got cubes. She doesn't stack them anyway, so it really didn't matter whether she had flat bits or not!

Both girls love frozen peas, and since they'd be eating them on the way to OT, they'd still be frozen! Yum!

Tools of the Trade

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