Friday, July 5, 2013

Random Lunches for the Toddler

These lunches weren't posted with Little Z's or mine for one reason or another. And now I'm almost done sharing all our lunches from April. I mean, it's only, like, July now. So not too far behind right?

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Thursday, 4/4/13
1/2 GF PBJ, mandarin orange, dairy-free cheese, organic sugar snap peas, Snikiddy Ketchup Fries, Van's GF crackers
Before anyone gets all up in my craw, that processed-looking cheese is a dairy-free soy-based cheese, and not "American" cheese. Still individually wrapped in plastic though. We're testing different brands.
I used a flower veggie cutter to make it more appealing, and tucked the scraps underneath. And it looks like some white cheddar or mozzarella scraps underneath too.

Thursday, 4/25/13
Organic strawberries and frozen peas, cheese and GF pizza scraps, organic brown rice and quinoa
Some scraps and leftover rice mix for Baby. Yum! I had made heart-shaped pizza bites and cheese for Z that day, and these are the scraps. Plus some leftover brown rice and quinoa mix (I make a large batch once a week or so and portion it into smaller containers and freeze all but one. Then I keep one thawed in the fridge to pull out as a quick and easy side to add to lunches or dinner! I can toss it into stir-fry, canned soup, leftovers from an Asian restaurant, or just heat it up with some shredded cheese and a little salt for the girls when Dadda and I are eating leftovers that they didn't like.

Monday, 4/29/13
I used my FunBites Cube It cutter to make PBJ sandwich bites for Baby, in the green silicone divider cup. She tends to eat the bites better than larger sandwiches.

E loves little tomatoes, but tends to just suck out the juice, vampire-style. But if they're starting to go soft and wrinkly, she eats more of the flesh too. And then her leftover carcasses get tossed into my salad. Unless she's got a runny nose. Ew. Pass.

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