Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Camp Snacks! VBS Week 1

Z really seemed to thrive on the structure of having preschool every morning and afternoon this past school year, so I was really worried how she'd do over the summer. I resist schedules and am not neat or organized enough to plan structure. Nor am I good at following through. So since we couldn't afford three months of day camps, I signed her up for some VBS for the first time. It's cheap to free, depending on the church. And in past years she's said she wasn't interested in going, and I didn't push it, due to her issues with new people and having anyone touch her or sometimes even look at her. But this year she was game!

Snack Baggery
The zipper pull had broken off the cheap hot pink (with white polka-dots!) snack bag I'd gotten from Daiso for the past school year, so when I found this insulated owl lunch bag at Dollar Tree, I bought two! It's just too adorable! It's definitely cheap and flimsy, and the zipper is annoying, since the whole thing comes out of the bag at either end and you have to keep tucking it back in. And the "insulation" is just a little foil lining inside, which is somewhat negated by the gaping holes at the ends of the zippers. But for $1, who cares? She can open and close it herself, and it is perfect for her snack boxes! 

Plus it's good for her to have the predictability and familiarity of bringing the same snack bag each time. This allows her to only have to remember this particular bag before she leaves, rather than forgetting the one of a thousand different little boxes that I might have sent her snack in. 
This past school year, Z only took snack to one of her preschools, and Parent Nights Out at Little Gym, and she was the only one who brought snack to either, so I didn't really need to personalize or label her bag. But I didn't know how this place handled stuff, and I had this bag-tag on her backpack from her other preschool class last year. (I got mine a while back from Mabel's Labels, when they had a Groupon for it, but there are loads of other great companies you can find deals for as well, who also make dishwasher-safe labels for lunchboxes!) 
I had her full name put on my label order, but in hindsight, I wish I had just put her first name and last initial, and then my cell phone number. That way they aren't just there to tell the teacher who it belongs to, but helps us get stuff back if it's lost somewhere! So learn from my mistake!

We also had a few afternoon camps scheduled at Little Gym, since it was their Fables and Folklore week (aka: "Princess camp,") which is on of her favorite themes. So here are all the snack from both camps, Monday through Thursday that week. I did special ones on Friday, and it's getting crowded in here already, so I'll save them for another post!

Monday, 7/15/13
Organic baby carrots with My Fruity Faces edible stickers (more info and review coming Wednesday!) Plus some Cosmos Creations Sea Salt and Butter corn puffs. Like Pirate's Booty meets movie popcorn! Yum!

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Tuesday, 7/16/13
More My Fruity Faces "stickers" to go on the organic apples, plus some organic cherries. I also included some gluten-free cinnamon graham cracker-type chips to dip along with the apples in the SunButter-yogurt dip (recipe coming soon on the MOMables blog!) that I put in our Lunchbots Dipper (a exclusive.) All packed in our Lunchbots Duo.

Tuesday, 7/16/13 - Afternoon Camp
This one's not technically gluten-free, since they don't make GF Cheddar Bunnies (umm, why not?!) But we decided to try the girls on gluten again, once school was out, to see if any symptoms came back. I definitely saw the same symptoms in Baby as I had, so we'll keep her on a gluten-free diet. But Z hasn't complained of any stomach pains, so she seems to be okay on at least a little gluten a day. 
So while I'll still cook GF at home, I'll let her have some gluten-y treats when she's not eating around her sister. So, perfect for camp snack!

The little bow-shaped box came from Target's Dollar Spot. Probably intended for trinkets, but I see everything with "bento-colored glasses!"

Wednesday, 7/17/13
Both girls love the Naturebox Ranch Peas, and since we'd just gotten more in our July box, into the snack they go! I included a few organic cherries and baby carrots to fill out the Phineas and Ferb snack box a friend found for me in Japan (we miss you, Daisy!)

Thursday, 7/18/13
Organic raspberries, some more of the Cosmic Creations corn puffs, and some gluten-free HomeFree mini chocolate chip cookies. These little guys are not only adorable - they're tasty too! And one of the few small packaged food things I... *ahem* the Easter Bunny could find to put in their Easter baskets. (I didn't want to just plop in a package with one or two bigger cookies.) I got this packed from one of my monthly foodie boxes. I'm so excited to see all the new allergy-friendly ones out there!

Panda box came from a nesting set also sent from Japan. Yes, I know. Squeee! They're adorable!

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