Saturday, July 27, 2013

Similar but Different - Making Everyone Happy, One Lunch at a Time!

Wednesday, 5/8/13 - Another set of lunches that I pulled together from mostly the same ingredients, with a few changes to accommodate personal tastes.

Both girls got organic corn chip dippers, Sabra Guacamole, cucumber flowers, and strawberries.

Ham and Pink Dip pinwheel rejects, corn chips, guacamole; organic carrots, cucumber, green beans, and strawberries
Thanks to having fed these to 11 different teachers, we had a lot of "ends" from ham and Pink Dip pinwheels on Rudi's gluten-free tortillas left over from our Teacher Appreciation lunches the day before. And thanks to a miscalculation on my part of how much green garlic to use when I subbed it for garlic in the dip, these packed quite a punch. I didn't know if Z would go for them or not, but we needed to use them up, and she surprises me sometimes with weird stuff she's willing to eat (don't even get me started on freaky-Baby. I can't chop sweet onions or green garlic fast enough for her. Raw!)
I stuck the pinwheel rejects onto a star skewer to help keep them together, and hopefully make them seem more exciting. (Didn't work. The garlic was too strong. But she tried and ate one at least!)

I also had some Sabra Guacamole that needed to be used right away, since I'd put some in the lunches for the two teachers I had packed lunches for that morning too. So when I finished with theirs, I packed the rest into Mini Dippers for the rest of us. Which meant needing to add dippables!

For "dippables," I included the organic corn chips, of course, and tried the girls out on some cucumber flowers that were left over from putting carrot flowers into the cucumber coins for the teachers. Z also got some of the leftover carrot coins (for making the flowers for the teachers' cucumbers... the Circle of Bento Life!) Baby wasn't ready for raw carrots yet, or raw green beans, so she didn't get any of either.

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GF cheese crackers, guacamole, freeze-dried oranges, corn chips; organic cucumber, strawberries, and blackberries
I figured the pinwheels would not only be too strong a flavor for E, but also very messy, with her liking to dissect her food. So she got gluten-free Van's "Say Cheese" crackers, to dip in her guacamole also, or just to eat plain.

Baby also got some freeze dried orange slices from Trader Joe's. So yummy! Almost like candy! Z doesn't like any freeze-dried fruits, although I keep trying. So none for her. I also gave E some blackberries, since Big Sis was in an "I don't like blackberries" phase that week. Pretty much whatever berry she had been begging for is no longer acceptable once I actually buy some.

Not the most balanced lunch ever, but she ate it. Well, except the cucumbers. Neither girl really ate their cucumbers. Punks.

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