Thursday, July 25, 2013

Same Ingredients - Served Two Ways!

Using most of the same key ingredients, I was able to make two very different lunches to accommodate individual tastes, while still keeping it easy for me and fun for them!

Sandwich Dippers and Cracker Stackers 
The Ingredients:
Sugar Snap Peas
Cornbread Muffin
The Differences: 
Tuesday, 5/21/13 -
  • I didn't have time to slather mustard onto each square of bread individually, so I put some in a Mini Dipper to make Sandwich Dippers for Z!
  • Z eats the gluten-free bread without complaint, but Baby E rarely eats it at all. She mostly licks off the peanut butter, or just ignores it with meat and cheese. So she got crackers.
  • Z got some carrot flowers to punch up the colors and variety, but neither girl likes cooked carrots, and Baby wasn't ready for raw ones yet at this point.
  • Z was in an annoying "I don't want raspberries" phase, which usually happens whenever I have a plethora of raspberries. But Baby loves them. Also I cut off her strawberry greens. Otherwise she throws out half the berry.
  • I only had a few blackberries left, and to be honest, Baby is 150-times messier with them than her big sister. So they went to Big Sis!
  • Little Z looooooves Gouda, but Baby is hit-or-miss on cheeses, so I hedged my bets and offered her some white cheddar cubes as well.

I was able to easily cater to both girls' tastes and appetites without making two completely different lunches. They LOOK completely different though, don't they? This could easily have worked as two lunches for the same person for different days in the same week!

*please note that the sandwich bread, crackers, and cornbread muffins were all gluten-free and as whole grain as they could be; the turkey was uncured, and the fruits and veggies were all organic. So was the cheddar cheese.
I don't need to hear any lectures on how unhealthy lunch meat is, or that my crackers and bread look like refined whiteness, thankyouverymuch.

Tools of the Trade
      Japanese Bento Carrot Vegetable Cutter with Case small  


  1. Great post.. love the note about not liking raspberries that week .. we live that reality in our house too! :)

  2. Your lunches are always so beautiful!


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