Friday, July 12, 2013

Field Mouse Salad

Found some more Mama lunches sitting lost and lonely on my camera from April. Same-old, same-old for me, but I need to eat up all the lettuce and greens I get in our weekly produce share. So I make having the same thing for lunch every day exciting by decorating the top, and changing up the sides.

Wednesday, 4/24/13 -
Trader Joe's Coconut Chips, Cheese scraps, Van's GF crackers; organic salad w/lettuce, cabbage,
broccoli, carrot, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, mixed raisins, raspberry vinaigrette dressing
But first, the "bonus" less interesting salad! I just used a flower veggie cutter on some carrots. Ta-da!

Monday, 4/29/13 -
Cheese scraps, Van's GF crackers, Kinnikinnick GF donut (1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate;) organic salad
w/lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, carrot, golden beet, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, mixed raisins, dressing
Just a quick lunch thrown together from scraps and pre-prepped salad base and veggie details. (There is more cheese hiding under the muffin cup of crackers.)
To make the salad fancy, I just arranged some carrot and golden beet cuts with my flower with leaves vegetable cutter and flower veggie cutter. The mouse cutter you'll have to search around for online.

Tools of the Trade

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  1. I love your Field Mouse Salad! Beautiful!


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