Sunday, July 7, 2013

Preschool Snacks - May and June 2013 Stragglers

The last week of May started with Memorial Day, so no school. Then I totally forgot snack for Thursday, apparently. She probably got a bag of PopChips and an apple.

The next week was my weekturn as Snack Parent. I shared her birthday snack already, but the others are still in the queue here. The following week was the final week of preschool, and I apparently had ANOTHER brain fart on that Monday, and had to send another bag of chips or something. Doh! And then that Thursday was their little last-day-of-school pageant and ice cream social, so no snack. 

So here are both weeks, shoved together.

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Tuesday, 5/28/13
Organic strawberries, gluten-free pretzel rings
A friend hound this snack box at an Ichiban-kan store and sent it to me (along with a large box of other stuff! Thanks! Muah!) It doesn't have snap-closures, so I had to dig up a bento strap to hold it closed.

Wednesday, 5/29/13
Chobani Champions Tube yogurt, Van's Gluten-Free "Say Cheese!" crackers
 A quick and simple snack. Since she takes a while to slorp down a yogurt tube, I didn't pack a lot of other stuff. Just some crackers in a small snack box from a set that a friend in England sent me.

Tuesday, 6/11/13
Organic sugar snap peas, gouda, kale chips, popcorn
Because I had totally blown it the day before and forgot to make a snack, I made sure to make this one special!
Because it would have plenty of room, I packed everything in a Lunchbots Duo (the red lid came with a Trio. They're interchangeable - ie: I grab whatever's clean!)
I used a mini fish cutter to cut some cheese fishies to go in a fish muffin cup (from Christmas Tree Stores. You might be able to find someone selling them on eBay) swimming with some snap pea seaweed.

More kale chip seaweed below, in the "dry stuff" compartment, with some popcorn "sandy ocean bottom."

Wednesday, 6/12/13
Organic raspberries with Enjoy Life chocolate chunks, Mini Pops popped sorghum
For her final preschool snack, I used the pink kitty snack box, one of her favorites. 

For the Mini Pops, I used a Wilton Silly Critters cup - the feet make it enough taller to be flush with the lid to keep the smaller stuff in without needing to pack a napkin on top.

As a special treat, I stuffed each organic raspberry with Enjoy Life Mega Chunks - they are free from gluten and the Top 8 Allergens (which includes dairy, nuts, and peanuts.) Plus no artificial ingredients! Yay! It's hard finding chocolate without fake vanillin, which Z happens to react to as well. And dairy, which makes my tummy unhappy (lactose - yes. It's in the milk that goes into chocolate. And apparently it's enough to bother me. Butter too. *sigh*)

Tools of the Trade
   Japanese Bento Accessories Ham Cheese Cookie Cutter Set of 3    Shop LunchBots

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