Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Rabbit Food" for Mama

Monday, April 15 - Another set of lunches from a while ago. A fancy lunch for me, and leftovers for the toddler!

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Organic cucumber w/salt, dried orange slices, Naturebox Kettle Corn Kernels, coconut chips;
organic salad w/lettuce, cabbage, mixed greens, carrots, golden and Chioggia beets, purple broccoli;
sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, dried raisin and berry mix, Raspberry vinaigrette dressing
I put my treaties in a square muffin cup to help fill the space - so less feels like more, visually. I have some dried orange slices (way tastier than you'd think!) and coconut chips, both from Trader Joe's, along with some ultra-yummy Kettle Corn Kernels from Naturebox.

To keep my dry add-ins dry, I put them in an air-tight Mini Dipper. Instead of my usual raisins, I tossed in an antioxidant mix with golden raisins, goji berries, and something else, from one of my monthly foodie boxes.

The salt for the cucumber is in a small sauce box (shown in top photo.)

I was eager to use my new 3-D rabbit veggie cutter. You have to cut your thicknesses fairly accurately to get the pieces to fit together, but they come out super cute! To add to the fanciness, I used a mini flower cutter on some carrot coins and beets. The yellow beet blackened a bit overnight (booo!) so the bunny's face and ears are discolored. Tasted fine though.

Baby's Lunch
Gluten-free PB sandwich bites, organic apples and tomatoes, leftover quinoa w/olives;
leftover soy beans, bean sprouts, carrot shreds, peas
As you can see, I had an eager little photography assistant.
Since we went gluten-free, she went from loving bread to avoiding it. But she is more likely to eat it if I cut her sandwiches into small shapes. So I used the FunBites Cube It to make nice little square-wiches. Clearly she hated them...
My triangle muffin cup came imported from eBay, and I use them a lot for her lunches, since I have a stash of clean ones, and don't have to worry about not having one of the ones I want for Z's lunch theme.

The rest of her meal is leftovers from a healthy buffet we went to the day before, at a natural grocery and deli. Yummy stuff!

Tools of the Trade
  Japanese Bento Accessories Cookie Cutter Set 3D Rabbit     

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