Friday, June 28, 2013

A Day at the Park with the NEW PlanetBox Shuttle!

A Day at the Park with the New PlanetBox Shuttle!
I've coveted a PlanetBox Rover for years... years! And I finally went and bought one this January, and we love it! Well, at first Hubby hated it, until I told him it was dishwasher safe! Ha!
Z can open and close the clasp herself, so I feel confident sending it to school, and the dippers are a breeze! Plus all the magnet designs allow it to grow with your child as their likes and tastes change. Win-win-win!

So imagine my excitement when I heard a new design was being released!

[Disclaimer: I was given a PlanetBox Shuttle set to review. All opinions are my own!]
The New PlanetBox Shuttle is the perfect size for snacks or smaller appetites!
Organic strawberries, Ranch dip, GF PBJ bites, Hail Merry Strawberry Macaroons, organic sugar snap peas
The red bag and magnet set are named "Day in the Park," and on this particular day, we happened to be heading off to spend a day at the park! So I went with a froggy pond theme, since it was as park-like as I could do!


  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe!
  • Very durable! If you treat it right, it could last their entire school career!
  • A lighter, easier to carry lunch box size for my little kiddos
  • Easier than most other lunchboxes for littler, weaker hands to open and close by themselves
  • Small enough to fit on a lap in the car! Woop!
  • Still big enough for a grown-up appetite - holds nearly 3 cups of food!


  • Expensive. But, since it is so durable, and the company has great customer service and problem-solving tips if something does go wrong, you won't be needing to replace it any time soon! (Just make sure your child's lunch routine allows them to keep track of it to and from the lunch room, and that they aren't forgetful about things like bringing their lunch bag home!)

The new PlanetBox Shuttle is $34.95 for the box and dipper, or $39.95 for the box and dipper with bag and matching magnets. With four designs to choose from, I say pay the extra $5 for the bag and magnets!

*Please note that I only applied the magnets to the inside of the box for the photos. I do not recommend using them on the inside when closed. They are wipe-clean, but too much exposure to food and liquid and the designs could start to wear and peel.

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...And I wish they had sent me the purple butterfly set. I'd better make sure my purple-loving little girls never see it!]

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  1. Great review! And that lunch looks so yummy! We love Hail Merry macroons!


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