Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gone Fishin'

Saturday, 4/27/13 - Uncle Seesee invited Z to go fishing at a local park with a lake. And no fishing trip is complete without a yummy snack!

The Lunchbots Trio was the perfect size.

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Gluten-free PB cracker sandwiches, organic strawberries, GF vanilla wafer cookies
I made my own peanut-butter cracker sandwiches because 1) they're easy, and 2) it's hard to find gluten-free ones! The wafer cookies were a fun treat for my little fisher girl.

Tools of the Trade
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Not catching any fish is hungry work. The snack was a big hit.
And fueled her up for playing!

When she got bored of waiting for fish to not bite, Z came and joined the rest of us at the playground.
I love these full-body swings. They're designed so that kids with disabilities can participate too!

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