Friday, June 21, 2013

Don't Play Koi With Me! Salad for Mama

Tuesday, 4/23/13 - Any excuse to use my fancy expensive new cutters! (They're expensive because they need to be hand-cut due to the intricacy.) And I tossed Baby's lunch in just for fun.

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Organic apple, WowButtergluten-free pretzel rings, TJ's dark chocolate mints;
organic salad w/lettuce, cabbage, purple and green broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrot,
golden, Chioggia, and red beets, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, dried berries and raisins, dressing
A relatively simple salad, made fancy by arranging some purple broccoli, opened sugar snap pea pods, and my fish vegetable cutter!

E's Lunch
Organic apples and frozen peas, sharp and mild cheddar flowers and scraps,
uncured ham scraps, GF peanut butter sandwich, Van's GF "Everything" crackers
As usual, Baby E gets all the scraps! Her sandwich was the bit left over from Z's that day, and the cheese scraps too. I had a bunch of ham scraps in the fridge from something. I used a flower veggie cutter on some leftover bits of cheese slices to placate her new awareness of her bigger sister's fancy lunches. So far, she's happy with a few token shapes on top of scraps. So far...

Tools of the Trade


  1. Your salad is art! It made me think that a photo print of just the salad would love lovely framed.

  2. Beautiful lunches, but I especially adore the way you split the peas apart and laid them flat...gorgeous!


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