Sunday, June 9, 2013

May 2013 Preschool Snacks - Week 2

Be sure to check out my latest post at MOMables - a roundup of snack ideas, great for the last few days of school (for those of us who aren't yet finished for the year!) or for camps over Summer break!

Monday, 5/6/13 through Thursday, 5/9/13

Z stayed home sick on Monday. Naturally, our cable service provider had a problem and our cable, phone, and internet were shut down for much of the day. I was just about ready to stab somebody after roughly the second hour of whining for the internet... Apparently our 1,052 Disney movies and kid shows DVDs are "too boring."

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Dye-free gummy stars, organic strawberries, Snikiddy Ketchup "Fries"
I can't remember why I made this one extra "treat-y" with both chips and candies. Maybe to fill out the space in the sandwich box without having to give her more fries to fill up on?

GF Rhubarb muffin, GF cracker sandwiches with SunButter
I had one extra home-made gluten-free rhubarb muffin from the batch I made for our Teacher Appreciation lunches. The only container I could find large enough to hold it but not too roomy was the Kinderville Bigger Bites Storage Jar. And it's super easy to open - just squeeze the lid knob to break the seal! 

(In case you were wondering, the SunButter sandwiches were made with gluten-free savory crackers from Trader Joe's.)

GF Sour Cream and Onion POPChips, organic blackberries and strawberries
Another quick and simple snack, packed in a pink kitty snack box. I threw this together as we were headed out the door.

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