Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm A Pepper... Salads

I hate sweet peppers, actually. Anything with the word "pepper" in the name. But of them all, sweet peppers are the least gaggeriffic for me, and I keep trying to trick my kids into liking them. Since they're healthy and all. But so far, no dice.

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Tuesday, 4/9/13 -
Organic salad w/lettuce, beets, carrots, sweet peppers, leftover rice, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, raisins, raspberry vinaigrette; NatureBox Kettle Corn Kernels with TJ's Coconut Chips, organic apple scraps w/SunButter
I had a little bit of cooked rice left over from something, but not enough for anything. So I mixed it into my salad. Meh. It was okay.

Normally I prefer dipping nasty veggies sweet peppers in Ranch dressing, but I didn't have room for them plus a dressing cup. But they needed to get used up. So into the salad they went!

I love the NatureBox Kettle Corn Kernels, and I love Trader Joe's Coconut Chips, but I get tired of a huge pile of either. But mixed together? Perfect! And the apple was something half-chewed by one of my darling progeny, salvaged by chopping off the squicky parts. Yum!

Thursday, 4/18/13 -
Cheese curds, Naturebox Cranberry Almond Bites; organic salad w/ Romaine lettuce, red Savoy cabbage,
carrot and beet scraps, strawberries, sweet peppers, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, mixed raisins, raspberry vinaigrette
For this salad, I just had one sweet pepper left (yay!) so I chopped it into rings to see if I'd like it mixed in. Newp. Still blechy. But I had some NatureBox Cranberry Almond Bites as my reward!

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