Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grilled Cheese in Threes!

Wednesday, 4/24/13 - We had a surplus of uncured ham and turkey, and assorted cheese scraps from a cut-out cracker-stacker platter I had brought to Baby's co-op preschool class' family night the night before. So I made us all grilled cheese for lunch! Z's AM school didn't have class that morning, so she came with us!

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Little Z's Lunch
GF ham, turkey and cheese scrap sandwich; GF Cheetos Naturals; organic strawberries,
green beans, and carrots; organic Ranch, The Good Bean roasted chickpeas
Because Z would be with me to help her open it, I was able to pack her lunch in a Laptop Lunches box. I chose the "Garden" box color combo. (Or at least as close as I could come with the clean parts I was able to scrounge together!) Cloth napkin from Red Poppy Crafts on etsy.

This was a quick and simple lunch, made fun with some flower and leaf picks in the organic strawberries, and her sandwich cut with a flower cookie cutter.

Mama's Lunch
GF pretzels; GF toasted ham, turkey, and cheese scrap Udi's bagel w/garlic salt; WowButter, organic apples 
Mama's lunch was nice and simple too. I was in the mood for some salvaged half-chewed apple apparently, so I chopped off all the gross parts and included some soy WowButter (instead of PB) for our nut-free school.

Baby's Lunch
GF Cheetos Naturals, organic tomatoes; GF toasted ham, turkey, and cheese scrap sandwich;
organic apples and frozen peas
Baby's lunch was the "fanciest" one, but also one of the simplest to put together! Frozen peas straight out of the freezer (my girls are weird,) toss in some tomatoes and Cheetos, and salvage and chop up some gnawed apples. Easy-peasy!
That super-cute cheese panda was actually left over from Z's panda lunch the day before, using our panda cutter set. Extra easy!

Tools of the Trade
       Biting the Hand  Red Poppy Napkins

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