Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Panda-riffic Bento!

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Tuesday, 4/23/13 - I'd had these cute panda cutters for a while, after getting them for myself with my Christmas money. But it was seeing them used to make sandwiches at Bentoriffic before I finally got around to using them!

Reusable cloth napkin from Red Poppy Crafts on etsy.

GF PBJ sandwiches, organic sharp and mild cheddar cheese;
organic raspberries, green beans and radicchio; Ranch, Surf Sweets gummy bears
This panda cutter set is super cute, and was fun to use. It has 3 differently shaped body cutters with additional cutters to cut out the "white" parts to go on the bodies. And then there is a cutter for just a head, and 4 different face cutters/presses that you can mix and match in. Not as complicated as you'd think.

Just for fun, I stuck some panda bento picks into some organic raspberries in a bear silicone cup. And some Surf Sweets (gluten-free and vegan) gummy bears in a panda head box.

I put organic Ranch in a panda sauce box in a futile attempt to get her to eat the radicchio she had picked out to try at the grocery store. Oh well. Baby ate some of it, so a half win for Mama.

Tools of the Trade
     Red Poppy Napkins

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