Friday, June 7, 2013

The Big Oh-Five! Happy Birthday to My Amazing Girl!

I would love to say that childbirth was a magical experience for me, but really, it wasn't. Everything went pretty much according to plan, with some hilarity (in hindsight) along the way. I got the job done.

I would love to say that babies are amazing creatures, and I felt blessed every time I held her. Well, they are pretty amazing. But other than those moments of  "Oh, I love you more than anything else in the world," I find them pretty tiresome and annoying.

One - And while I would love to whine about the terrible trials of toddlerhood, really Z was quite easy, by comparison.

Two - She began communicating fairly early, which led to less frustration at our "language barrier." She was easy to redirect or delay, since she understood concepts like "later," and trusted me to follow through. Other than what was probably mostly dye-related, her 2s and 3s were a treat!

Three - Preschool brought its own set of pleasures and trials. Mama got some free time, but we had an actual schedule to keep! I am not known for my time-management skills. Add in a new baby, and things get even more fun! Luckily, they adore each other, and Z blossomed into an amazing big sister.

Four - I was told that 4 was the best age, by many experienced mommy friends. I wish I could tell you that 4 was just as amazing as I was told. But no. It has been my least favorite age yet, topped possibly only by the useless larval stage when they're newborns. Maybe. I am *so* glad we switched to a dye-free diet. I cannot even imagine how much we would have hated each other had we been dealing with that on top of a year of 4-going-on-13.

So I eagerly welcome 5! Happy birthday, to my creative, loving, magical, thoughtful, humorous, amazing little girl! I wouldn't change a single thing, and I've treasured every second we've spent together the past five years!*

*even the annoying ones.


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