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The Honest Company - All-Natural Products, Very Affordable Prices

When I first heard about The Honest Company, I'll admit it only piqued my interest because I saw a photo of Jessica Alba. Hubby and I are big geeks, and big TV watchers, so Dark Angel was a no-brainer choice for us to watch. Plus, let's face it. Jessica Alba certainly isn't hard on the eyes! So we became big fans. We even watched Honey!
But I liked what I saw about the company too.
The Honest Company, which is now a certified B-corporation, was started by Jessica Alba and her husband, to provide non-toxic, eco-friendly, natural products to other parents, just like them, who were searching for conscientious products that were also affordable and effective.

An interesting twist with their products is that they offer monthly subscription "bundles" as well.

The Honest Diapers
The Honest Diapers Bundle sends you wipes and diapers based on an average monthly usage for each size group. And as your child grows, you can change your bundle. For for $79.95 (plus $5 shipping*) per month your diaper and wipes needs are all but taken care of. (You still need to change the diapers yourself. Darnit.) That's less than $3 a day! (based on a 30-day month.)
Their diapers are plant-based, so your child doesn't come in contact with any harsh chemicals! And the majority of the diaper is biodegradable too! The wipes are 100% biodegradable! [I wonder if that means I can put them in my yard waste bin...] And I cannot squeeeee! enough over how stinkin' CUTE those diaper prints are!

Now, let's compare. For the Size 3 diaper, which is where Baby E will be any second now, the Honest company sends you 216 diapers per month, so an estimated 7.2 used per day. [Erm. Apparently I should be changing her more often!] And 360 wipes, at 12 per day.

Seventh Generation diapering products, which are lower in chemicals than the "leading brands," are mostly not biodegradable (the wipes are rayon-polyester and the diapers contain plastics. Although they argue that anything in a landfill isn't going to biodegrade anyways.)  On Amazon, which is the best average daily price you're going to find, the size 3 diapers ($16.79/76) come out to roughly $.22 each, or $1.59 per day (based on 7.2 per day.) The wipes are $31.49/840) come out to roughly $0.037 each, or $.45 per day (based on 12 per day.) For a total of $2.04 per day. And these prices are with both Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save.

The Honest diapers gets you 138 to 320 diapers (varies by size) in a month, plus four packs of 80-count wipes, for only $84.90, including shipping. So it comes out to $2.83 per day, based on a 30-day month. Not bad for chemical-free, plant-based, mostly-biodegradable diapers and wipes! And they arrive at your door in convenient month-supply-sized bundles!

Step 1

The Honest Cleansers
For $35.95 (plus $4 shipping*) per month, The Family Essentials Bundle lets you choose any 5 personal or household products each month, customized to what you need each time. That's less than $8 per product after shipping - safe, gentle, all-natural, full-sized personal or household cleaning products. From sunscreen, shampoo, lotion, bubble bath, and hand soap (to list a few) to laundry detergent (70 loads!) dishwasher gel, dishwasher pods, dish soap, rinsing agent, and multi-surface cleaner.
I paid more than that for my smaller tube of baby-friendly sun screen (with some ingredients I know are still bad for her, like Vitamin A, which actually makes your skin more sensitive to the sun!!!)
You can also buy the products a la carte, but they cost more. Or, a more fun way to view it... "Bundle and Save!"

*Shipping is free if you buy both bundles each month.

As an added bonus, most of their personal care products are vegan as well, which means there was no animal testing. So for the same price as one lip balm at the Body Shop, you can get a whole bottle of Honest Shampoo, and still feel good about it! [Just kidding. Possibly. I don't really know how much a lip balm costs. I just know that while I love that their products are not tested on animals, I just can't afford to be animal-friendly, at their prices!]

And with every product you purchase, The Honest Company donates product, money, and time to addressing critical health and social issues affecting children and families. This year, their nonprofit partner is Baby2Baby – who supplies families in need with essential baby clothing and gear, like baby diapers.

So What?
As we're venturing forth on our new artificial-dye-free diet (and as a precaution, also avoiding artificial flavors and preservatives,) I haven't yet gone through our personal care items, other than the ones that go in her mouth, like toothpaste. But considering that she got her Daddy's eczema, and her Mama's allergies (which causes itchy skin for me, especially around artificial fragrances,) all-natural dye-free body products are the next logical step. I've already noticed that I'm sensitive to petrochemicals, such as Vaseline, as well as many artificial fragrances. Heck. Even hanging around the car mechanic's or a tire place gives me a headache! Some products or people surrounded by a huge miasma of stinky perfume cause my throat to get scratchy and tight-feeling, and get my sinuses tingling and swelling. Just from one sniff! The only thing that's been holding me back is that the "good stuff" that I can find at the drug stores is either heinously expensive, or not 100% natural.

But at the prices I usually have to pay for safer, gentler, more natural products, I end up just buying "the good stuff" for the baby (which is really only 80% good, if you read the fine print on the labels,) half-assing it for the preschooler, and buying whatever junk's on sale for myself. (Hubby's on his own!) So we still have itchy days, and rashy days, and scaly-patchy days. I think I've just found us an affordable alternative!

Interested? Compare the Honest products and prices versus both leading natural brands as well as regular brands. Then request a free sample pack from either bundle (or both) and pay only $5.95 shipping (total,) but be aware that it will automatically enroll you in their monthly bundle(s.) So unless you decide that these products are perfect for you too, remember to cancel within 7 days after receiving your kit(s.) But don't let that scare you off. They will send you several reminders first.

And starting today, Plum District has an awesome deal with The Honest Company available! Spend $20 and get $40 to spend towards their eco-friendly product line! You can use it on a Bundle and Save, or towards individual items! Deal ends 7/31/12, so nab it soon!

*Disclaimer: I was asked to post this deal and write something up about the company in exchange for a sample pack of products. When I get it, I'll be sure to tell you guys what I think. On my Facebook page, if nothing else!

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  1. I picked up that Plum deal yesterday for the new little bean ;) Thanks for the review!


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