Sunday, July 1, 2012

Everything's Just Ducky

Tuesday, 6/12/12 - I've had these ducky picks and paper liners for over a year now, waiting to make a ducky lunch! I just never got around to it before!

Just Ducky Bento
ham mini pita pocket, Frango, Babybel cheese, kalamata olives, Cinnamon-sugar
Sweet Potato Chips, dried persimmon and berry mix, w/chocolate-covered Os
Just ham in the mini pita pocket, since I used a Babybel cheese in a ducky muffin liner. For the cheese, I used a mini duck cutter to punch a design out of the wax.
The brown plastic-wrapped thing hiding nearby is a Candy Cane Frango - made with beet juice for color for the little candy cane bits instead of fake dyes! Huzzah! We'd bought a box of these at Christmas and totally forgot about them! If you've never had a Frango, they're Macy's exclusive truffle-like chocolates. They melt almost instantly in your mouth. Really yummy.

Some kalamata olives Hubby brought home from work in a square silicone cup (they cater lunches for the employees there, and you can take extras after, before they cart the leftovers off to a local shelter.) I stuck one of my rubber ducky picks in with them. She had a blast eating them that way.

Apparently the Cinnamon Sugar Sweet-Potato Chips weren't able to keep what little crunch they had overnight. So she refused to eat them. They were a little soft, but tasted fine to me!
In a recent order, I tacked on some sample-sizes of dried persimmons and a chocolate nibs-nuts-dried berry Antioxidant Mix to try. So I put some of each in her lunch, since we were out of fresh fruit, and she claims to dislike applesauce, despite begging me to buy some every time we're at the store. So I'm saving it for the Baby, who will eat it! Added to the Antioxidant Mix are some Chocolate-covered Trader Joe's Os. Yum!

She tried the persimmon and one each of the berries and a chocolate nib, but was disappointed on all counts. She ate the Os and I ate the rest of the dried fruits. So she only ended up eating her ham pocket, the cheese, and the olives.

Mama's Lunch
spinach and lettuce salad w/almonds, dried berry mix, raisins, carrot scraps,
raspberry vinaigrette dressing; cheese scraps, crackers, grape medley
I got the dried berry mix as a bonus free sample with my order. It has fake red coloring in it, so no good for her (or me either, really,) so I'm using it up on my salads. Pretty tasty though. I like the different textures. Although the strawberries feel like candy gels.

Carrot scraps are from various prior lunches. I keep them in a re-sealable container with a spritz of water to keep them fresh. They've lasted a month, at least!

The crackers are some gourmet brand I found randomly at TJ Maxx. Really tasty with Colby Jack cheese, but refined white flour, so nutritionally, they're garbage.


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