Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just a Plane Old Bento Lunch

Thursday, 6/28/12 - Her Little Gym class follows the same theme as the camps, so since we were still in transportation week, I went with an airplane theme.

Plane Old Bento
PB-chocolate sandwich, cherries and strawberries, carrots and broccoli, cheese
For the sandwich, I used the airplane cutter from the Lunch Punch Vrrrrrrm! set. I cut both slices of bread separately first, before adding the spreads, so the edges come out neater and I don't have peanut butter and Dark Chocolate Dreams PB goo oozing through the air holes in the bread from pushing through all the layers at once!

The cherries and strawberries are both from our organic CSA box. I alternated them to make it more visually pleasing. I'm not as good at presentation as some of my competition fellow bento bloggers, but I'm working on it!

I cut the carrots into flowers, since that's really the only way she'll eat them, and put some broccoli in for wishful thinking. To entice her to try her broccoli, I added some Ranch in a silicone angel/airplane bento cup (Daiso.) I think it's really supposed to be an angel, but sideways it looks kind of like a plane!

For the Colby Jack cheese, I cut several airplanes and stacked them to look like just one. My airplane cutter came from an older-version of the Fox Run Transportation Cutters set. They now have a cuter rounder airplane. I used a mini cloud-shaped cuttter on some mozzarella to make clouds for both the cheese compartment and to put on the sandwich.

 Mama's Lunch
Cheese scraps, ham and Pink Dip pita pockets, Special K Crackers, apples
Those ham and Pink Dip mini pita pocket sandwiches were so good, I decided to make two! I'm kind of getting salad-ed out, with all this fresh organic CSA produce, so I put lettuce in my pitas and called it good. I did add Dairy (cheese scraps) and Grains (Special K Crackers) though, which are usually missing from my lunches.

She ate the sandwich, cheese, and cherries. I was surprised to still see the strawberries, since normally she's a berry fiend. I was also surprised that she ate the head off one of the broccoli florets. She left most, if not all, of the carrots behind though.

ocean cutters


  1. I really need to get some of these cookie cutters and try some of these. You have inspired me.


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