Sunday, July 22, 2012

Muffin Tin Meal - Animal Round-Up

Thursday 7/12/12 - She had loved the dalmation in her Fire Engine lunch so much, that when she wanted a second lunch/snack later in the day, she asked for another. With my dog pick so she could make her own spots. (Pick not pictured. I forgot about it until she had already started eating. Oops!) 
She saw the cat cutters that were out, since I keep my cat- and dog-themed ones together, and asked for a cat cheese too. And some dried edamame. So I decided we could squeak out a Muffin Tin Meal!

Mozzarella, dried edamame, PB/Choc PB sandwich,
Rainier cherries, Pink Dip, snow peas
Since my cheese was smaller than the cutters, the dog was once again without a rump. I was able to fake it with a piece of the scraps, to give it a 3-D effect with the hid leg and tail. The cat (found at a thrift store) mostly fit, but her tail got a little chopped. "Just like LUDI!" (One of our cats has a stub tail. He's waaaaaay fatter than the cutter cat though!)

For her sandwich, I didn't want to make a whole one, so I listed off the shapes she could chose from that made two of the same shape, to form a half-sandwich. She chose the elephant (I've only ever seen them at Wal-Mart, in-store, in the baby section.)

Since she hadn't finished off the last of the Pink Dip from her 3 Pigs Lunch, I had saved it in the fridge after, so trotted it back out for this one.

She ate some of her peas and dip, all the cherries and sandwich, some of the edamame, and the hind leg piece from the dog.



  1. What cute animals! I think I have the same rumpless dog.

  2. Love the animal theme! I just showed one of my little au pair boys the picture and he totally adores it!
    We'll probably won't have to struggle with lunch this week. ;)


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