Monday, July 2, 2012

"Flowers and Balls" is Not a Good Bento Name. But It's the Best I Can Do.

Wednesday, 6/13/12 - Packed a lunch for Z to eat while Baby E and I were in a baby Little Gym class. Then a few hours to snack before Z's swim class.
Flowers and Balls
apple rings, Veggie Chips, smoked Gouda flowers,
carrot flowers, white chocolate-PB sandwich balls
Applerings: I was re-inspired to use the idea of cutting an apple into slices horizontally, then using a super small cookie cutter to cut out the core in a fun shape from this recent post at BentOnBetterLunches. Instead of a star, I went with a flower because I could actually find where I had put it to go with the carrot flowers. The stem flower looked so cute I went ahead and stuck it in to contrast against the white side of the top apple ring.

Vegeteballs: The Veggie Chips came from the March NatureBox (use code "CRISTI" for 25% off your first box!) Love 'em! Super crunchy and sweet. Taro, carrot, sweet potato and green beans and more.

I used my normal method for the carrot flowers. Sliced small Vs down the sides of the carrot then cut into coins.

Say "Cheese!" Flowers: She's in love with "Daddy's SPECIAL cheese" [smoked Gouda] which she normally just gets in a hunk or wedge of some kind to gnaw on. I decided to try and slice it and hoped it wouldn't be too soft for fun shapes. It wasn't! Since I already had it out, I just re-used my flower veggie cutter to make as many flowers as I could. The scraps were tucked underneath in the square silicone cup.

Balls!: I made sandwich balls and decided to have her try our new Peanut Butter and Co White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter. I put them in some mini cupcake liners, spread a little more PB on top, and used some purple dye-free sprinkles to try and make them look like truffles or cupcakes or something. Mostly because I didn't want to try and fit a sandwich in the larger compartment with the moist apples, so I had to come up with a fun way to fit it into a smaller compartment!

Mama's Lunch
Spinach salad w/blueberries, raisins, random seeds/nuts,
and raspberry vinaigrette; PB pretzels, grape medley
The assorted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and nuts are the leftovers from a NatureBox snack mix. A certain little someone only likes the chewy fruity bits, and left me a bag of her rejects!

Peanut-butter-filled pretzels are from Trader Joe's. Yum!


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  1. Thanks for the linky :) I bet sticking the flower stem back in helped keep it from browning too! And I can't believe you still had veggie chips! i inhaled ours, the kids barely got any! Thanks for sharing my code :)


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