Friday, July 13, 2012

Cherries and Bear-ies Bento

Friday, 7/6/12 - We had a make-up class at Little Gym, then the 30+ minute trek to pick up our weekly CSA box. I didn't really have a theme in mind, but I had to come up with something that would pass muster. She's not only been demanding a theme each time, but she argues the cohesion of my themes when I do come up with one! "What's this for? How do these fit the theme, Mama?" Gah!

Cherries and Bearies
Colby Jack cheese, chocolate covered pomegranate jellies (in heart box;)
ham, lettuce and Pink Dip mini pita; Rainier cherries, Kale Chips
I wanted to introduce her to the Yum! that is my ham-and-Pink Dip mini pita pocket sandwiches, so I filled the rest with her favorites - organic Rainier cherries from our CSA, Kale Chips, plus some Dark Chocolate Pomegranate jelly ball candies she'd chosen at the grocery ("And these have NO fake colors, right Mama?")

I kind of decided on a bear-y theme for the cheese, since my animal head cutters were handy, and I decided on two sizes to either be a Mommy and a Baby, or else Big and Baby Sisters. Her call. I used one of my faces cutters on the larger cheeses, just for fun, but it was too big for the smaller bear, and I couldn't find the third wheel of faces with the smaller versions on it. This lack of face was both noted and disapproved of.

Mama's Lunch - Pac Man!
Ham, lettuce, and Pink Dip mini pitas; cheese scraps, carrot sticks,
Stroopwaffel cookies, Angelcots (white apricots)
In order to show the yummy filling and fit in the cheese scraps, I had to position my sandwich pocket halves kind of open and angled. So it looks kind of like Pac-Man eating one of those circles! Teehee!

At first she was wary of the sandwich, because of the lettuce, but I told her that they were my favorites, and the lettuce gave the ham (which she likes) and the Pink Dip (which she loves) some crunch, and to try a few bites with the lettuce first. I also told her that it was a Big Girl type of sandwich, and I knew she was ready to try this, now that she's 4. 
She ended up eating pretty much everything. There may have been a sliver of pita pocket left, and some salt granules from the Kale Chips. Plus the cherry pits and stems. 
Here you can see the chocolates in the box.
The larger silicone bear cup I bought online, but the little one came in a set from the Daiso store near me, and I've only ever seen them there that one time. The heart box came from Dollar Tree around Valentine's Day. Larger bear/frog head cutter came from this set, and the smaller came from a set of mini plastic bento cutters imported from Japan a while ago.
 Japanese Bento Accessories Silicone Food Cup AnimalJapanese Bento Accessories Ham Cheese Cookie Cutter Set of 6faces cutters

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