Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Foodie Penpal - July 2012 #foodiepenpals

I discovered a fun new swap, called Foodie Penpals. Anyone wanting to participate can sign up each month, and you're assigned someone you'll be sending up to $15 worth of fun foodie-things, local food items, or home-made treats. And someone else is assigned to send some to you!
It's kind of like those other monthly food sample boxes, like NatureBox (use code CRISTI for 25% off your first box) and Savorfull (tell 'em Keeley Wilson sent you!) only MUCH more personal, since you get to "meet" each other via email, and make personal selections for your new penpal, and receive personally selected products from another!

It was my first time this month, and I've already made two new friends! (Also both "newbies" this month!) Mrs. Dreamer from Journey of a Dreamer, and my Foodie Penpal, who doesn't have a blog, so I'll let her remain private. She does have dogs though, and "dog" rhymes with "blog," so almost the same thing, right?

Check out what I got from Mrs. Dreamer!

My Loot
Annie's Organic Summer Strawberry Bunny Fruit Snacks - I've heard from several people that this is their kids' favorite flavor, but I've been too cheap to buy them and they haven't been on sale. Scoooore!
It was super nice of Mrs. Dreamer to think of my kiddo, since I like to share things with her. And bunnies happen to be her absolute favoritest animals ever.

Annie's Organic PBJ granola bars - Never even heard of these before, but what a fun flavor! I go through a lot of "chewy bars" since I often forget to feed myself, and don't realize I need to eat until we're headed out the door, so I grab a piece of fruit and a granola bar, since they're easy to eat while driving on the go. These are kid-sized, so I'd need to eat two of them I'll save them for Z. She think's they're the best thing since sliced bread.

Emerald Vanilla Roast Almonds (Vanilla Bean flavor) - These were the only thing in the box with anything artificial, but I had told my penpal in my email that artificial flavors were sometimes okay. And usually the fake vanilla is Vanillin, which as far as I know Z isn't sensitive to. Not that I'll share these. Oh, golly they're tasty! Omnomnom!

Crystal Light Pure drink mix packets (Mixed Berry flavor) - When I first saw the box, my heart sank. I'd looked at Crystal Light products in the stores, and they all had fake colors in them. But when I checked the label, only natural colors and flavors in this one! Woot woooot! We've been doing a lot of drink packets to jazz up our water, since we can bring them into stadiums and movie theaters and pay $5 for a fricken' bottle of water make our own dye-free drinks.

Organic RAW Pure and Simple Hot Cereal (Multigrain with Flax and Pomegranate flavor) - I'm often still up late at night/early morning, and it's hours after dinner, so I'm hungry again. I don't feel like making anything, or re-heating seconds of whatever's leftover from dinner, so I usually grab a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. Hooray! Very yummy. Normally I'm a butter and brown sugar kind of gal, but these are really tasty! I got some brown sugar flavored oatmeal from Trader Joe's and it tastes plain. I keep having to remind myself that I should actually eat dinner at dinnertime, and save these for breakfast or "midnight feast!"
The Lean Green Bean

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  1. Great reveal! I think the Foodie Penpal thing is a great idea! It was my first month too! :)


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