Monday, July 16, 2012

Bee-bim Bop - Storytime Fun

At one point I had started looking for children's story books with recipes in them to go along with the story, for my kids cooking classes. I'd mostly borrow them from the library, but one had such great reviews on Amazon and sounded so fun, I just went ahead and bought my own copy.
In Bee-bim Bop by Linda Sue Park, a young Korean girl eagerly helps her Mama prepare some Bee-bim Bop. The whole thing is done in a bouncy, rhyming text, and is a very fun read. Even though the dish is probably unfamiliar to most kids, they can easily identify with her eagerness and pride in helping, as well as her impatience in waiting for and enjoyment of a favorite meal.

Z loves the rhymes and the story, and was eager to try some Bee Bim Bop for herself. She kept asking me when I'd make some for her. Um. Never? (Although now with all this random CSA produce, I might just have to try it sometime!)
Luckily Hubby knew of a place that served Bee Bim Bop, near where he used to work. And we were only a few blocks away, since we were picking him up from a special bowling thing with his office (he rode the bus in to work to save the $20 parking fee, and rode to the event with a co-worker. He would have ridden a bus back near home, where we'd need to pick him up, but Z wanted to go to the bowling alley and bowl with him, so we met him there instead.)
It turned out to be a few blocks further away than he remembered. And by "a few" I mean far enough I would have gone back for the car and driven there had I known!
Apparently Bee-Bim Bap was pretty much their specialty. You could choose brown or white rice; and chicken, pork, beef or tofu. And there were two sauces to add, but we chose neither.

"Rice goes in the middle, egg goes right on top. Mix it! Mix like crazy! Time for BEE-BIM BOP!"
It's a rice dish, with cooked vegetables, a protein, and a sunny-side-up egg plopped on top. The idea is to pile all the foods together, then mix mix mix! She enjoyed the mixing, and tried a few bites, but then traded Daddy for the "Junior Bop" meal he had ordered just in case, with chicken chunks and plain brown rice.

*Disclaimer - I wasn't solicited or compensated in any way for writing this post. I just thought it would be fun to share our book-related adventure.
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  1. Super cute! I'm going to have to hunt the book down now :)


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