Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Tools For Making a Healthy Lunch" Bento

A bento bloggess friend (Molly's Lunch Box) discovered an awesome cake supply shop near her that sells cupcake toppers in singles, and offered to take orders and ship. Wahoo! I'm in! The day my box of goodies arrived, I managed to get them all sorted and put away... just in time for Z to discover them and get them all back out again and start playing with them on the floor. Ugh.
For some reason she was fascinated with the tools picks, even though she didn't really play with them. But she kept asking me to make her a "beautiful tools lunch." So that night I did.

Thursday, 6/21/12 - Lunch for her to "work on" after her Little Gym class and during Baby E's gym class.

Tools For Making A Healthy Lunch
String cheese flowers and scraps, PB-chocolate sandwich bricks,
apricots, green beans, broccoli, shelled peas
The apricots she had chosen at Trader Joe's a while back, but only ate the first two. This was my final attempt to get her to eat some.

The veggies were all leftovers from previous bento lunches that I was able to accumulate together. I tried to make the beans line the compartment, like a box or something builder-y, but it really just looks like a nest. Oh well.

For the "flower box," I used a small rectangular silicone bento cup and put most of the string cheese nibblets in the bottom. Then I used a mini flower fondant cutter to make some flowers. It kinda looks like one of those window sill flower boxes, yeah?

I cut the crusts off the bread before spreading the peanut butter and Nutella. Then I cut the sandwich into strips, and cut the strips into smaller alternating bricks. I got the idea to make sandwich bricks from Veggie-Bento's much better Monster at the End of This Book bento. It's crazy good. You should go look. Seriously. I'll wait.

She loved it. She ate the sandwich and most of the cheese. And did a lot of pretending. Pretending to hammer. Pretending to cut. She had a ball. It really took very little extra time to make, and was worth it for the enjoyment she got.

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