Friday, February 10, 2012

More Hearts

Monday, 2/6/12 - Someone clever (ie: me!) organized my bento supplies with all the hearts and valentines cutters, cupcake liners, and picks all in one tub. So until further notice (or Valentines Day. Whatever...) I'm just keeping my tub out and doing all hearts-themes!
This lunch was for before school (even though we didn't have any morning plans. She ate a late breakfast, so started on lunch in the car on the way to school,) and for an afternoon snack between school and swim. Plus she could finish off any leftovers on the way home from swim class.
Her lunch: small Biscoff spread sandwich, large PBHoney, string cheese nibblets,
gummy hearts, spinach with carrot heart, strawberries
I made the small heart out of Biscoff spread (aka: cookie sandwich,) since it had been such a big hit with the Spring-kles lunch previously.
The carrot heart was an idea I stole from inspired by Cristi at BentOnBetterLunches. I couldn't for the life of me find my toothpicks, so I made-do with a plain dot pick.
I tried making hearts out of the strawberries (another idea stolen found on Cristi's blog,) but the shapes of the last three berries we had were all wrong.

Baby E's Lunch (via Mommy)
My lunch: PBHoney, blueberries; spinach w/tomatoes,
carrot scraps and Ranch
I added a pick to my lunch just for fun. And I'm not a huge fan of touching any food that might leave residue on my hands (yeah, weird. I know.) So I thought it would be a neat touch-free way to eat my berries in the Parent Ed class while she was at co-op preschool.
Since I wasn't sure if this would be enough food, I also packed a Plum Organics Pear-Spinach-Peas 'squeezy fruit' pouch. She tried it but didn't end up liking it. Luckily, they don't expire before Baby E will be on solids, so I can fob the rest of them off on her later!
She ate all the cheese and strawberries (and asked for more berries from my lunch... which I didn't have! She'd gotten the very last three berries we had! And she hasn't wanted any blueberries lately, which is why I'm gobbling them down as fast as I can before they go bad!) Surprisingly, she ate the carrot heart, but skipped the spinach.  She tried the gummy heart but didn't like it, so I ate the other one. Meh. It was okay, but not worth eating a bunch of.
I can't remember how she did on her sandwiches. Oh yeah. She didn't eat them, but asked for sandwiches either at home that night or the next morning, so I took the box out of the fridge with the spinach and sammies still in it and gave it to her in front of her shows while I fed the baby in the other room. She gobbled it all down.

Gummy hearts, cupcake papers and pick, and plastic (BPA-free!) fork all from Dollar Tree. All in our EasyLunchboxes!


  1. Sweet hearty lunch :)
    What is it about having a younger sibling that makes a kidlet suddenly look so grown up? Or maybe it's just the sweet shades giving her an air of sophistication...

  2. Looks sweet and tasty!! I love the carrot heart idea :D


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