Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weird Crap My Kid Eats

1/24/12 - Spinach and blackberries with soy sauce to dip. She ended up having two-and-a-half servings that night! Oy! A week's worth of sodium!

2/6/12 - Cabbage with Ranch (green butterfly muffin cup) and ketchup (red YumBots robot muffin cup.) She had never had cabbage before, but for whatever reason when I was rolling the cart past them to find the spinach, she wanted a head. I tried to talk her into the purple kind, or just a half-head, but she wanted a whole one, and she pointed to a specific one to get. I'm fine throwing away trying something new, as long as she actually eats some of it. And letting them pick out something to try is a great motivator for them to actually try it.
She ended up eating it all (not the whole head. Just the four-ish leaves I had put on her plate.)

For my views on using dips to motivate better eating, read my Eating Tips and Tricks: Dip post!


  1. i love this post mostly because of the title. LOL

    to this day, if little miss had her choice, her favorite sandwich would be a bologna with cheese, mayo, AND ketchup. ick! (i blame her nana for that, LOL)

  2. Kids do eat some strange things! My daughter likes to dip spinach leaves in vinegar--which is fine, but not typical of a six-year-old. She would also eat a whole block of parmesan if I let her.


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