Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Heart In My Hams

*The title is a play on words of a title to a post I did last year for V-Day called My Heart In My Hands.

Thursday 2/9/12 - Made these bentos the night before to eat between Little Gym and preschool. And any leftovers as an after-school snack.
Z's lunch: Ham skewers, Special K Crackers, mini cupcake, green beans w/
carrot hearts, black-and-raspberries, Colby Jack cheese shreds
Since the cheese shreds had been such a big hit the day before, I had promised she could have them again this day.
I made extra carrot hearts from the You're All Heart lunch, and stored them in the fridge with a little water to keep them moist. Still good! So I lay them atop the green beans, just to be cute... and use them up!
For the ham skewers, I just sliced the ham into fourths lengthwise and rippled it onto the skewers, stacking 2 to 3 strips per skewer.
"Baby's" Lunch:
My lunch: spinach salad w/ blueberries, carrot flower shred
scraps, and carrot flowers, raspberry vinaigrette in Smidget;
string cheese nibblets, Special K crackers, mini cupcake
Since I'm in the process of reorganizing (and culling some of) my bento supplies, my tote of sauce containers doesn't really have a home. So like the lazy slob that I am, I left it out on a chair in the kitchen. So Z found it the day before and wanted to play with the chickie sprinkles container she found in there. But we were literally on our way out the door, and the last time I let her play with it, it took three months to find both the top and bottom pieces again. So I told her we could incorporate it into lunch the next day, PleasePutItBackNowLet'sGOOOO!
Naturally, she remembered the next day, after we were all strapped into the car and ready to leave. "Hey. Where's that chickie you promised in my beautiful lunch?" I had even found it tucked into my bag and had pulled it out and put it away. Argh. So I trekked back inside, scooped a few rainbow jimmies sprinkles into it to make up for "forgetting," and schlepped back out. Finally! Off we go!
She was thrilled with her sprinkles chickie, and enjoyed putting the sprinkles on to her berries. And there was much losing of playing with the chickie. She ate most of the cupcake, and all of the ham, cheese and crackers on the way to school. She ate the veggies and a few berries after school.

Cupcake wrapper and pick, and BPA-free plastic fork from Dollar Tree. Plastic heart picks from random Asian grocery. Mini cupcakes from Albertson's. My salad dressing is in a Tupperware Smidget. Both lunches in our EasyLunchboxes.
The "other guy"
Oh, and no. I didn't beat her. She and Daddy were playing chase on Tuesday night in the loop through the kitchen, dining room and living room, and she slipped and fell in the kitchen and hit a corner of an open drawer with her face. A trip to the ER and three stitches later, she came home in relatively good spirits. Since keeping the area dry for 24 hours meant having to skip swim class on Wednesday. Sadly, she still had to go to school!

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