Monday, February 13, 2012

Muffin Tin Meals - Blurple

In honor of my poor baby's bruised and bleeding eyebrow (and the fact that I happen to have purple cabbage and blue potatoes on hand) I decided to do a blue and purple themed meal! And finally complete my MTM rainbow! (See my red, pink, orange, yellow, and green ones too!) It only took a whole year! Sheesh! 

Blue and Purple... Blurple!
Blackberries, PB-and-grape-jelly pinwheels, Greek honey yogurt w/grape
Kool-Aid powder, blue potato fries, purple cabbage chips, blueberries
Black-and-Blue-Berries: One could argue that blackberries aren't blue or purple, but these ones were very purple-y. And the juice stains are purple. So they count. I put in blueberries just to fit the theme, even though she hasn't been wanting them lately. I don't think she really ate any berries, other than the one of each I dipped into her yogurt for her to try. The blueberries were all gone later, but I think my husband ate them.

Pinwheels: They wouldn't lay right, so you can't really see the swirl or the jelly. But cutting off the crusts, smooshing the bread flat, and sticking the picks in before cutting them into smaller rolls made it soooo much easier!

Yogurt: Since Kool-Aid powder packets are so super cheap and sugar-free, they're perfect for flavoring/coloring the lightly-sweetened Greek honey yogurt. And she no longer demands that I pour extra honey on her yogurt (like I used to when we got plain yogurt.)  They don't take up a lot of room either, and I can just use a little bit then fold down the top of the packet to save for another time. So I have a nice variety of colors/flavors on-hand at all times!
She ate it all and asked for seconds.

Blue Fries: I just got some blue potatoes in my organic produce delivery. Perfect! Hubby fried them up for me in his new deep fryer.

Purple Chips: I just made (baked) kale chips the other day (post coming soon!) and they were a big hit with the Princess. So I thought I'd try the same technique with some of the purple cabbage, since she's refused to eat any thus far. My first attempt tasted burned, so I had to accept that since cabbage is so thick, I'd have to settle for chewy over crispy. But she loves the Lowry's seasoning salt I use, so she gobbled them all down!
Lunch to match her right eye!
Other healthy blue and purple food ideas: food-coloring-painted cheese, dyed rice, dyed noodles, colored pancakes, eggplant, purple cauliflower, purple peppers, purple carrots, purple asparagus, purple yams, plums, purple kale, red or black (purple!) grapes, blue corn, purple beets, raisins, taro, blood oranges

Not-so-healthy ideas: blue MandMs or other candies, purple Froot Loops, frosting (cupcakes, cookies, etc.)

In my Wilton star muffin pan. Jewel bento picks from allthingsforsale. BPA-free mini spoon from Dollar Tree.

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  1. Yum! Purple looks wonderful for lunch!

  2. I love your blurple meal! I hope her eyes gets better soon!

  3. OOh. I turned down buying Greek yogurt this weekend despite DS loving the samples because the one in my price range was just plain Greek yogurt, no add-ins. Kool-aid is a good idea. How much kool-aid do you mix in to how much yogurt?


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