Monday, February 27, 2012

How to: Mangle a Pocket Sandwich

Since I've been making some custom pocket sandwiches lately to use up all the meat and cheese scraps, I thought I'd do a tutorial to show how it's done. So naturally, I mangled the whole thing. Enjoy.

Z's lunch: String cheese nibblets, turkey and cheese pocket w/sprinkles,
spinach w/carrot flowers, strawberries
Step 1: Cut bread into desired shape. You can use a cookie cutter or a knife. For best results, cut one slice of bread at a time.
I used a ladybug cookie cutter, which turned out to be a poor choice.The fewer protrusions, the better. A heart works great, and a Hello Kitty should also turn out well.
Step 2: With finger, smoosh flat the center area of both slices of bread, leaving the edges alone.
Step 3: Add sandwich fillings to bottom slice. You can use spreads or meats/cheeses, but be sure to leave the rim around the edge clear.
This is a great way to use scraps from making cute shapes out of meat and cheese.
Step 4: Put top slice over fillings and line up edges with bottom slice as best as you can. Using your fingers or a knife handle, smoosh edges together. The tines of a fork work well too, like with pie crusts, but aren't as neat looking.

Yeah. Freaky, I know. Somewhere in there it lost its cute ladybug-like demeanor. So my errors were in choosing a bad shape that didn't translate well when smooshed, and our bread. My husband just bought a new brand of bread that was dryer than the kind we normally use, which caused it to split around the edges, rather than stretch. And the edges didn't seal well for the same reason.
So I used PB to glue on some flower sprinkles to make it look more ladybug-like, told Little Z that it was a ladybug, so naturally she loved her ladybug sandwich! Score!
Had the edges sealed properly, I would have popped it into the toaster to help melt the cheese bits so they wouldn't fall out if she ate around the edges. Oh well.

Some of my more successful attempts: wonky-shaped toasted pocket and heart pocket sandwich.


  1. Doh! I just bought some pocket making sandwich molds! hehe This is GENIUS! Thanks for sharing LM!

  2. Still cute no matter how "imperfect"! :D

    I have a Pampered Chef Cut n' Seal that makes wonderful pocket sandwiches (in round shapes only). We made homemade pizza pockets with them the other day. It'll be fun to use it for pocket scrap sandwiches though! LOL (Funny how I NEVER used it until making box lunches! LOL)


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