Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hooray for Spring...kles!

Monday 1/30/12 - We had no plans that morning, but I knew we wouldn't have time to make and eat lunch at home before preschool, so I made lunch in our EasyLunchboxes to eat on the way (for her) and at preschool (for me.) Plus this way we'd have a built-in snack for after school on the way to swim class!

Hooray for Spring-kles!
Z's Lunch: spinach w/carrot flowers, PBHoney sandwich w/Biscoff spread
center flower sandwich, cottage cheese w/sprinkles, strawberries
For the sandwich I used a cutter from the Lunch Punch Sand*Wishes set. In hindsight, I could have just slapped some of the Biscoff spread in the rough center of the bread and used peanut butter and honey on the rest, but instead I cut the bread first, then added the spreads. For the mini flower sandwich in the middle, I spread more Biscoff on top and added small flower quins sprinkles, to make it stand out more. (Sprinkles came in a 6-variety assortment that I found at Ross or Marshalls a while back.)

While digging around for sprinkles to go on the sandwich, I found some jumbo daisy quins as well, so decided to put those on the cottage cheese. I also added some pastel jimmies from the same set that the small flower quins came from.

To jazz up the strawberries, I decided to try and make one into a ladybug, using mini chocolate chips. While looking for a pick to maybe use as a head, I decided on a hat pick, and used a blueberry for the head.

Baby E's lunch (eventually...)
My lunch: spinach salad w/almonds, carrots, blueberries;
string cheese nibblets, herb crackers, dressing in Smidget
While packing the lunches, Little Z wandered out and saw the Special K Savory Herb crackers in my lunch and wanted some too. So she took them out of my box and laid them out atop her sandwich. I took them out to take photos, then put them back in. And replenished the ones in my lunch!

She ate the entire sandwich and all the crackers and her spinach. She left a neat little pile of carrot flowers in a corner of the large compartment. She ate most of the cottage cheese (and sprinkles!) and ate the chocolate chips off the ladybug, but didn't want to eat the ladybug herself, since it was too cute. She did play with it a lot, and they had some cute conversations. Without the pick, she wouldn't eat any of the strawberry slices. She prefers them whole, which doesn't fit well in our lunch boxes! Had I known she would refuse to use the pick ("No! I can't take her head off, Momma!") I would have left them whole and traded places with the spinach!



  1. Love the idea of putting sprinkles in the cut-out! So cute!

  2. How dare you give your child sprinkles on her lunch! What kind of awful habits are you trying to teach her anyway??? That food should actually be enjoyable or something?
    Oh cripes. I couldn't even type that with a straight face.
    I LOVE the sprinkles! I wonder if it would work with getting John to try cottage cheese... Hmmmmm...


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