Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Squirrel... I Mean GROUNDHOG Day!

I chitchat with a bunch of other bento bloggers on Facebook, and some smart alec asked if we were doing Groundhog Day bentos for the next day. I hadn't even known that Groundhog Day was coming up. Darnit.
Challenge accepted!
Happy Groundhog Day!
PBHoney "groundhog," cheddar "shadow" on Biscoff sandwich mound,
ham pinwheel "logs," spinach and carrot flower "groundhog food,"
cored half-apple "groundhog mound."
Groundhog-wich: I found some cute ideas for making a groundhog out of food when I searched on Google Images, but they looked like sooo much work! So I just used a squirrel-shaped cookie cutter (from Daiso) and cut off most of the tail. I used PB and honey for the groundhog, but Biscoff spread on the scraps, per her request. Biscoff spread is really yummy, but hard to describe. It's peanut and tree-nut free, so safe for the schools or classrooms that don't allow anything with either. But it doesn't have a lot of nutritive value. And tastes like biscuit cookies! So it's a big hit with my kiddo!

Ham Logs: I hadn't originally planned to include these, but there was so much empty space in there, and I was worried that the groundhogs wouldn't be enough food, since we had a full day without a lot of time to stop and get more food. We had gym class in the morning, then school, then we were going to pick up Daddy from work and then an hour drive up to Nana's house for the evening (so hubby and I could go see a movie.)
I opted to not include cheese, since it doesn't roll well unless it's cut really thinly, and I wasn't in the mood to mess with it. I used leaf and flower picks to hold them closed.

My lunch: spinach salad w/almonds, raisins, carrots, and
dressing in container; Special K herb crackers, half-apple w/PB
After she told me that she didn't like ham and tortilla rolls, she polished off 3 of them, and ate virtually nothing else. She refused to eat the groundhogs because they were too cute. And they were the wrong shape for woodpeckers. (I had told her that groundhogs were like woodchucks and then we did that woodchuck tongue-twister for a while.) Ah well.


  1. Biscoff AND GroundSquirrels?!?! Excellent :D

  2. So funny she thought the squirrelly groundhogs were too cute to eat but ate the ham & cheese she professed to dislike.

  3. I mean just ham. Forgot you didn't want to mess with the cheese :P

  4. So cute! I love the kid critique :) As long as they eat something right? ove the apple idea too.


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