Monday, February 13, 2012

Hoppy Valentine's Day, Sweet {Heart}

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Sweet {Heart}
Z's lunch: PBHoney heart pocket, ham and cheese hearts, red Jelly Bellies w/chewy
Red Hot hearts, rasp-black-strawberry hearts, spinach-cabbage-carrot hearts 
Heart in My Pocket: I used a large heart-cutter to make two hearts out of bread, then used my fingers to smoosh-down the middle area on the bottom slice. Added the peanut butter and honey in the center part, leaving a bare area around the whole edge. Added top slice and used the handle of my knife to smoosh the edges together, sealing it into a pocket sandwich! Ta-daaa!
Large pink sugar eyes and chewy heart-shaped Red Hot for the face.

We {Heart} Ham and Cheese: I used the heart part of my FunBites Luv It! cutter to make little ham and cheese hearts. Yes, I could have just used a mini heart cookie cutter rather than make my hubby wash the whole thing, but the cheese is much easier to get out of the FunBites because of the pushy-outy-thingy. And it's fun to rock the cutter back and forth to make sure you got all the edges cut! 
Besides... my metal cookie cutters are hand-wash only, which I have to do. This way my husband has to wash it! :)

I {Heart} You Berry Much: Tossed in the last few blackberries, some raspberries, and used the FunBites to cut hearts from strawberry slices. Heart-i-licious!

We {Heart} Salad: This part was a little anal. I used kitchen shears to hand-cut each spinach leaf into a heart. Yup. After the first few, I started stacking the leaves in piles of three and cut three at a time. It wasn't too hard. I gently folded them in half and cut half a heart out, then unfolded them into hearts. It was like being in Kindergarten again! (With a stack of them, they might be thick and sturdy enough to use a cookie cutter... No promises though!)
I used the FunBites cutter on the purple cabbage to make those hearts, and a really mini heart cutter for the carrots.

Mommy {Hearts} Scraps!
My lunch: Scrap salad w/blueberries, raspberry vinaigrette,
scrap ham and cheese, mini cupcake, Special K crackers
Scrap Salad: My salad has some spinach leaves plus all the spinach scraps from cutting hers into hearts. Also the scraps from the purple cabbage, carrots, and strawberries. Also tossed on some blueberries to use them up.
Since I now have friends who have kids with food allergies, I would like to point out that my lunch is peanut- and tree nut-free! (Although the Special K Multi-Grain Crackers are probably made in a factory that does stuff with nuts. Cupcake too. But should be fine if I were sitting next to someone allergic. Since I'm not allergic myself, and they aren't necessarily "contaminated.")

Gear: Sweet {Heart} box, chewy Red Hots cinnamon candies, and my BPA-free fork from Dollar Tree, small silicone heart cups from Daiso, my salad dressing in a Tupperware Smidget. Mini cupcake from Albertsons.
We {Heart} our EasyLunchboxes!

Hoppy Valentine's Day!
Some fellow bento competitors friends are doing a Valentine's Day themed Blog Hop today! (should start Monday morning-ish.) So be sure to check out Cristi's post on BentOnBetterLunches and hop from hers to the next, and so on and so on! Until you get back to me! Whee!
Everyone loves to get comments, so be sure and say hi to everyone and let them know how much better my lunch was awesome their lunches are!

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  1. LOVE the lunches! So clever, duh! Don't know why I never thought to take a cutter to the spinach leaves themselves. Great idea!! :)

  2. I can't stop laughing. The red hot looks like the heart is sticking her tongue out! SO typical ;)

  3. Too cute! Love the carrot and spinach hearts!

  4. Very nice! I like the pink eyes on the heart :D

  5. Too cute! I love the heart sticking out her red hot tongue - but gee, thanks for setting the bar so high :P

  6. I love how you always make good use out of your scraps! hehe The spinach hearts are great!

  7. I'm so glad you included YOUR LUNCH of scraps! I'm new at Bento or Easy Lunchboxes and wondered what I could possibly do with scraps! I didn't want to throw them away (or feed them to the dog). I never thought about making MY LUNCH from scraps, but that'll TOTALLY work! Whoop!

  8. I wish Blogger let me "like" individual comments! *LIKE*

  9. I love the Dollar Tree - and your bento! ^^ Very cute and healthy!


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