Friday, February 10, 2012

Luv U Bento

Wednesday, 2/8/12 - We had planned to go to a Valentines craft playdate this morning, but due to an unplanned trip to the ER the night before (after I had already packed up the lunches!) we skipped it. Lunch was still enjoyed on the way to preschool though. And the way home. We skipped swim class too, since we were instructed to keep the stitches dry for 24 hours. Yup. Stitches. Yay.

Luv U bento
Heart candies in heart container, ham skewer, Biscoff sandwich, green beans,
Colby Jack cheese shreds, blackberries and raspberries
I hadn't gotten to her sandwich while packing lunches when Baby E woke up and needed to be fed. While feeding her, "the incident" happened, and I was trapped with a baby hanging off my boob while Daddy took Z to the Emergency Room. So even though we didn't technically need packed lunches the next day, I finished her lunch off the next morning and she got to eat it in the car. As a treat,I opted for a Biscoff spread sandwich, since it tastes like cookies. I squeezed in a slice of ham on a skewer to give her more protein to make up for the lack of PB.
She had chosen a package of cheese shreds as we passed through the cheese aisle during our grocery store trip a few days before. While these shreds are thinner than I'd normally shred for her, it was literally no effort, since I didn't have to make them. And no grater to wash after! So I filled 'er up!
I had planned on adding a cute Valentines disposable pick for the berries, but totally forgot. Good thing I ended up tossing in that ham on a pick!

She ate the cheese shreds, ham, and a few candy hearts before school, and had two more refills of cheese plus the green beans, the rest of the candies, and the berries after school. I ended up eating the sandwich.

My lunch: Spinach salad w/almonds and bluberries, tomatoes,
raspberry vinaigrette, mini cupcake, leftover PF Chang-style chicken
Heart candies, container, pick (in ham,) and cupcake wrapper; and BPA-free plastic fork all from Dollar Tree. My salad dressing is in a Tupperware Smidget. Packed in our EasyLunchboxes!


  1. Goodness, I hope she is fine, poor little one!
    Love the bentos :)I have not tried biscoff spread and sounds yummy. Have to get some soon.

  2. Where do you find Biscoff spread or do you order it online? I love the cookies and would love to give this a go.. thinking for fruit even since my little one doesn't eat peanut butter, it might be a way to transition her to it. Great looking lunch as usual!

  3. I got it from Amazon for almost $9 to try it, since I get the free shipping with Amazon Prime (or a minimum $25 order.) But in the future I'll buy it from the manufacturer for 2/$14. They have a flat-rate $5 shipping, so I'll order several jars and it'll make the shipping cheaper per jar, thus making the jars cheaper than Amazon. Plus they make it in "crunchy" form too!

  4. The skewered ham is cute! I want a smidget! I want to make a list of my bento stuff and have the word smidget in it :)

  5. Late night visits to the ER. No fun! I hope the healing is quick.


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