Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Checking Out the "Competition" - Family Fresh Meals

Corey at Family Fresh Meals makes adorable bento and muffin tin meals for her girls, Big D and Little D. She's probably really nice too, but I can't get past her awesome photos and gorgeous bentos enough to try and not hate her.

I love this Heart Explosion meal made in an ice cube tray instead of a muffin tin or bento box. Super cute! And totally doable!

Some of her bentos, like her Bunny Love meal, are attainable by mere mortals, such as myself. Even though she made a heart-shaped sandwich ball using an egg mold, without describing how it was done! Argh!

While others make me want to slap her. Because I don't handle jealousy well.
Check out this colorful Unicorns and Rainbows bento. Squee!

While others, like her Oscar and Slimey salad just make me just want to cry. It was probably simple and effortless for her, but I know I would have had spinach and poorly-cut rejected Slimey's all over the kitchen had I tried to do this. Not that I ever would have thought of it!

She also does a weekly recipe link-up to show off your favorite recipe (that fits that week's theme) or to get some yummy ideas. So naturally, one can also expect to find a crap-ton of recipes. Neatly organized into categories and themes, no less!
If you like to burn stuff cook or love to just look at beautiful food and wonder what all those words mean and be inspired, check out Family Fresh Meals. And in between cooking, blogging and sorting her recipe posts by meal or holiday, she also has time to post stuff on Facebook and Twitter. I bet she even manages to shower every day too! Argh!


  1. Oscar is amazing! She is so talented.

  2. I'm jealous, you hate her more than me don't you? I hate her too :) But I also want to be her best friend :)

  3. hahahahahaha LOVE this Kendra! :) Corey is nice, and talented, and a great mom... should we all tar and feather her now or later? ;) KIDDING COREY!! LOVE YA!

  4. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the amazing post! This made my week :) Happy Dance! You crack my up girlie :) And for the record....daily showers are indeed a luxury ;)

  5. Check out my latest attempt at a Bento! You'll feel much better about yours! Ha! Ha! Someday I'll figure out the CREATIVE part! ;)

  6. Loving all the awesomely creative lunch ideas!


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