Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Family Picnic in the Park

My nieces were staying with my mom for a few days last Summer while my sister had some summer school or a vacation or something. My mom was still recovering from an ankle injury, so E and I swooped in, packed some lunches, and took them to the park for the day!

There was a kiddie concert in a park near my house that some of the kids from E's preschool class would be at, so naturally I plopped us and our peanut-laden lunches down right next to my friend with the child with a severe peanut allergy. By the time I realized, the girls were already settled and eating and it was too crowded to move. I am still horrified at my lapse! Luckily her mama was on it, and kept her kiddo away from our blanket.

Cupcakes for the Cousins
Wheat PBJ sandwiches, organic orange and yellow carrots, organic blackberries, Chiquita Bites apples with caramel
I brought the cupcake cutter from my Lunch Punch Sweets set to make sandwiches for my nieces with the regular bread at my mom's house (and their preferred brand of peanut butter and their mom's homemade jam!) Did Auntie forget that one of them only likes plain jam sandwiches? Oops! *wink*

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In addition to the concert, the park had a large inclusive playground as well as a spray park area, so I brought snacks as well as lunch. for a longer stay. I packed Chiquita Bites with caramel for my nieces since Chiquita had sent me a nice variety assortment, but my girls couldn't have the caramel sauce due to dairy (and I believe they have artificial flavor too.) No sense wasting them, so I let my nieces enjoy them.

Big Sister had a cupcake sandwich as well, but she was at day camp all week.

E is for Elmo
Udi's GF PBJ, Chiquita Bites apples and grapes; organic snap peas, orange and yellow carrots, blackberries
I can't remember why I decided to use an Elmo sandwich cutter for E instead of the cupcake. I think I had packed her lunch the night before with Big Sister's, so it was too late to change it.

Leftovers for Mama
Leftover shrimp Pad Thai, leftover veggie brown rice salad from Starbucks, apples and homegrown blackberries
Clearly it was clean-out-the-fridge day! Yum!

Tools of the Trade

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