Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Robo-Bread Sandwich - Ex-ter-mi-nate... Your Hunger!

I had just gotten the new Robo-Bread cutter set from CuteZCute, and couldn't pass up the chance to try it out on some gluten-free bread! Bedeep bedeep bedeep!

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Danger, Will Robinson!
GF PBJ, organic carrots and apples
12/17/14 - The Robo-Bread cutter set is full of various options for building your own robot shape, with two rectangle cutters for body and head, two face options, and a variety of bits and bobs to cut out or imprint. It was fun deciding which ones to use!

I had to use an extra slice of bread to make the whole robot sandwich for Z, my First Grader, but it was worth it! Most gluten-free breads are too crumbly and full of bubbles to imprint well, but this local brand worked great! Too bad my kids both prefer the dry bubbly brands.

Lunch for Little Sis
GF PBJ; organic carrots, apples, clementine
E just got a simple lunch. She doesn't eat enough to warrant an entire robot, and eats very little bread from her sandwiches anyway. I couldn't justify wasting so much just to be fancy!

Tools of the Trade
CuteZcute Robo Bread Transforming Sandwich Cutter and Stamp  

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