Friday, May 22, 2015

Lunches for a Day at the Aquarium

My friend Candy Girl from Bent On Better Lunches was bringing her whole troupe to Seattle for a day at the Aquarium, so the girls and I joined up with them for the day. I wasn't sure if the food court would have anything safe, so I packed fun nibbly lunches for the girls and myself. I used a few fishy accessories to give them an Aquarium feel. And I opted to pack nut-free since so many schools and daycares come through, and my kids aren't the best at washing their hands after eating!

Harbour seals

Z's Aquarium Lunch
Glutino pretzel chips, dye-free Sharkies fruit chews, Sunbutter On-the-Go pouch; organic carrots, raspberries, grapes, currants
I got the silicone "sandcastle" muffin cup in a knights set from Amazon UK, which my friend from Eats Amazing kindly had shipped to her home and repackaged to send to me. The fish ones came from eBay, but the fish cup from this set would have worked nicely here.

I cut some carrot slabs with a tiny fish cutter I found online. This one is a little bigger, but would work great too.

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Fish-E Lunch
Organic carrots, raspberries, grapes; Glutino pretzel chips with Sunbutter, dye-free Sharkies fruit chews

Happy jellyfish

Nibbles for Mama
Apples, plantain chips, organic carrots, Cocomels, Sunbutter with organic chia seeds and hemp hearts
I tried to pack lunches that would be easy to stop and nibble throughout the day, since we had the double stroller for the girls to relax in, and I wanted to keep us as mobile as possible to hang out with our friends. I decided to try mixing seeds into my Sunbutter for a yummy dip, and packed foods that would taste great with Sunbutter. Yum!

Tools of the Trade
UK Only

Best friends and anemones 

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