Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Matching "Hers and Hers" Sister Lunches

These lunches were all packed last Summer for various camp days and park outings, but would work for school or day trips any time of year! Great quick, easy, throw-something-together options!

PBJ Fingers
Z's lunch: GF PBJ fingers on Udi's bread, organic blueberries and carrots
Thursday, 7/10/14 - PBJ fingers are an easy way to keep the same-old same-old different and fun! And taking familiar "comfortable" foods and serving them in different methods is a great way to help stave off a predilection for picky eating, by showing that "different" at meal times doesn't have to be scary or unpleasant.

For even more fun, I made some carrot coin flowers by making v-cuts down a carrot stub, then slicing it into coins.

E's lunch: GF PBJ fingers on Udi's bread, organic grapes and carrots
Since gluten-free bread is so much smaller than regular bread (gluten-free dough doesn't rise as much,) I can only get 3 fingers per slice. So two sandwiches were just the right amount to split between my two girls.

Leftover Pulled Pork
Z's lunch: leftover Kahlua Pork with rice, organic raspberries with Enjoy Life chocolate chips, organic snap peas
Thursday, 7/17/14 - Z had Lego day camp that morning, and probably had OT right after, although I remember us goofing around in the courtyard for a bit while eating.
She enjoys using a spork versus a kiddie fork, but Little Sis just got some random dollar store baby spoon.
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E's lunch: leftover Kahlua Pork with rice, organic strawberries and carrots
Little Sis got baby carrot slivers and strawberries instead, just to change it up, but the girls did a lot of sharing, so ended up with some of each others' as well!

Simple PBJs
GF PBJ sandwiches; organic strawberries, carrots, snap peas, and tomatoes (for E)
Thursday, 6/26/14 - I'm fairly certain these lunches were packed to be eaten on the way to Z's weekly OT session. I'm not great at time management any time of year, but in Summer, when no one has to be up in time for school, we often laze around until we DO have to be somewhere... Like when I suddenly realize the girls haven't eaten but we need to leave RIGHT NOW! Hahaha!

GF/DF Cheeze Crackers; organic apples, carrots, and snap peas; sheep milk feta
Wednesday, 6/18/14 - These were packed as a quickie snack lunch to eat in the car on the way to something, so I pretty much just threw in the first things I found. I had some homemade gluten- and dairy-free cheeze crackers (made with whole grain flours,) and Z is in love with this sheep's milk feta we found at Trader Joe's. I still get a little sick if I eat it, but nothing like my reaction to cow milk products! Plus fruit and veggies. Boom. Done. Get your butts in the car! Hahaha!

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