Saturday, May 23, 2015

Eating Out at the Park

Our local Parks Department teams up with the School District over the Summer to provide free lunches at some of the parks for kids ages 0-18, and some fun outdoor activities as well (balls, hula hoops, board games, water balloons, etc.) Since I never know whether the free lunches will be safe for my kids (no dyes, gluten, or dairy,) I packed some some simple fare in our EasyLunchboxes for the girls, and figured we could share between them and the safe items from the free lunches for Mama. 

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Salumi for Z
Udi's gluten-free bread with salami, GF pretzel rings, organic carrots and apples
Friday, 8/15/14 - Z looooooooooves artisan salami. Which is surprising, since she normally can't stand spice or "heat" of any kind. Normally I pack it with crackers, but I decided to try a sandwich version this time. It was a hit!

Cracker Stackers for E
Schar GF crackers, goat cheese, GF pretzel rings, organic carrots and apples
Little Sis isn't a fan of salumi, so she got sliced goat cheese instead, cut into nice little circles. She still hasn't quite grasped the concept of stacking her meat or cheese on crackers, so she ate hers separately. Nutball!

I think that on this particular day. the Parks Department had a bouncy house in addition to all the other fun stuff they normally brought, since it was a special Fun Friday event. And snow-cones, but we just got cups of ground ice and poured our own juice over top. Yum!

Tools of the Trade

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