Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Week of Lunchbox Love

School hasn't started here yet, but we got a little "trial run" with a week of all-day camp at Z's new school. So I made sure to send her with lots of love... and some fun riddles, thanks to the new Lunchbox Love Riddles cards

I used durable plastic playing card covers to protect the Lunchbox Love notes in her lunches, so they wouldn't get damp or messy. I like being able to re-use them!

I already featured the first three lunches in a previous post, so I'll start with the last two from that week!

[Disclaimer: I was sent several packs of the new Lunchbox Love sets]

GF waffle sticks w/Sunbutter and Enjoy Life chocolate chips; organic rainbow carrots, apples, blueberries
Thursday, 7/31/14 - Since Z's new school has a pool, they offer swim classes as part of their Summer program. So this riddle was perfect! ("What doesn't get any wetter, no matter how much rain falls on it?" Water!) 

I got an awesome deal on a waffle stick maker in the hopes that it would be easy to make lunchbox-friendly gluten-free waffles. And I was right! Win! To try and make some leftover waffle sticks into a healthy(er) lunch, I added some Sunbutter for protein. And Enjoy Life chocolate chips on top because they taste ah-mazing with Sunbutter, but also because they're less messy than syrup!

Organic apricot, dye-free Canadian Smarties, goat milk Gouda, olives, tomato sauce, toasted GF roll w/garlic salt
Friday, 8/1/14 - I'm usually too lazy to make a MOMables Pizzable, but as always, they're a big hit! This time I used a gluten-free roll and cut it into thirds to make perfect thin little pizza rounds. I toasted them up (because toasty is better!) and added a little garlic salt on the tops (also makes gluten-free bread taste better!)
I packed her sauce in a Mini Dipper, but then totally forgot to pack a utensil for spreading. Doh!

Since I try to pack a special treat every Friday, I included some chocolate Smarties that my friend Candy Girl sent from Canada. Our Smarties are some kind of pressed candy powder. But theirs are candy-coated chocolates. Plus they're made with natural flavors and colors up there! Someday, America... Some day.

Organic raspberries w/Enjoy Life chips, organic yellow carrots, Glutino crackers, organic pickles, tuna w/mayo 
Monday, 7/28/14 - Simple but classic - a deconstructed tuna fish sandwich! Tuna (with mayo) in a silicone heart cup and crackers, plus pickles. Because that's how Dadda makes her tuna sandwiches! Yum!
In addition to the pickles, I added some carrots cut with a tiny heart cutter.

Coconut Peanut Spread, Glutino crackers, cinnamon sugar pretzels, organic sugar snap peas and strawberries
Tuesday, 7/29/14 - Another popular lunch is the MOMables PB Cracker Stackers. While it takes more of her precious lunch time, Z really enjoys the more "interactive" lunches, where she assembles part of her meal.

Organic champagne grapes, homegrown green and purple beans, GF Sunbutter-jelly sandwich,
chocolate-covered blueberries, plus Chiquita Bites apples with grapes for snack
Wednesday, 7/30/14 - Back to basics with a (nut-free) PBJ. I kept it fun with the cupcake Lunch Punch though! 
I'm not 100% clear on how they do lunch at this new school, but from what I gather, the kids are allowed to snack on their lunch and/or snack throughout their free choice time. So I made sure to send healthy snacks every day as well. Some days I needed easy ones, so the Chiquita Bites packs were perfect! [Disclaimer: Chiquita sent me an assortment of Bites for free.]

Tools of the Trade
Biting the Hand        

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  1. Looks like your trial run was a success! Loving the lunches!


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